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June 4 - Learning Cards for Dedication of the Months and the Mysteries of the Rosary

Use Our Learning Cards to organize your year as well as pray the rosary.

These cards are always a hit in our homeschool as well as for CCD use.  They are small enough for big hands while big enough for little hands.  Today's set has one card that is a reference for the Dedication of the Months and the other card provides a reference for the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Simply download, print, cut apart on the lines, fold and glue.  We laminate all of our Learning Flashcards so that they can be used over and over on an ongoing basis.  They have been taken outside, taken on trips, and used on sickdays. 

*We will be offering many more sets in various subject areas throughout this month and in the coming months so be sure to bookmark our site or better yet, subscribe to our blog to keep up to date.  If you are a Classical style learner or know others who could benefit from these resources, please consider sharing our site with them.  Feel free to grab a button to put on your blog - we offer them in a few different styles. 

Click Here to download this set of Learning Cards.


That Resource Team


Mary G said...

These are wonderful! I love checking your site for fun things....

blessings for a wonderful June!

That Resource Team said...

Thank you so much, Mary. We are so glad that you like our resources! We like to think of each resource shared as a fun, little learning surprise for all.


That Resource Team

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