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June 16 - Classification Animal Learning Cards

Classifying God's Creatures

As we previously posted, we have made additional sets of animal learning cards that focus on Classification.  These sets use the exact same animals as our Simple Animal Learning cards but they require a full classification of each animal.  These are quite challenging and are perfect to help teach multi-aged learners at the same time.  Much of the info can be found in most encyclopedias or online using Wikipedia.  There are a host of great websites to help children (and grown-ups :) learn about animals.  Perhaps we will tackle sharing those online resources in a future post?  But for today, we focus on classifying our Lord's creatures great and small.  We adding to this collection as well as the Simple Animal Learning Cards in the near future.

Today's resource sets include the following animals:

Set 1 - Lemur, Koala Bear, Armadillo, Coatimundi, Manatee, Badger, Gray Wolf, Bearded Seal, Wolf Brown Bear

Set 2 - Moose, Coyote, American Bison, Marmot, Ground Squirrel, Raccoon, African Elephant, Lion, Masai Giraffe, East African Hippo

Set 3 - Cheetah, Impala, Giant Panda, Bactrian Camels, Banteng, Komodo Dragon, Peacock, Bengal Tiger, Brown Long-eared Bat, Pig-Tailed Macaque

Click Here to download Simple Animal Learning Cards set 1
Click Here to download Simple Animal Learning Cards set 2
Click Here to download Simple Animal Learning Cards set 3

Visit us tomorrow to collect the next 3 sets of  Classification Animal Learning Card sets.


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