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Mini-Book Reading Log Merges Fun, Learning and Discernment

Fun Little Mini-Book Helps Children Keep Track of Their Favorite Reads.

Encourage children to read and log their titles with this easy to make mini-book reading log. Each page requires children to list the title and author of each book read as well as to determine if the book they read was uplifting or not. Kiddos simply circle the cross for a positive and uplifting book that helps encourage good Christian behavior, or they can circle the snake if the book left them feeling not so nice, or had a plot or characters that weren't very virtuous. This resource can help children practice discernment in their reading, which is a very valuable skill.

Download and see the full instructions on how to create our Mini-Book Reading Log.

Blessings, Kalei

Help children learn the symbols associated with St. James the Greater.

This simple coloring sheet can help children learn to recognize the symbols of St. James the apostle, brother of John the Evangelist, in art, on prayer cards or in literature. With its easy to color design, children of all ages can enjoy this activity. Once colored, these sheets can serve as wonderful posters to decorate bulletin boards, classrooms, or other places in your home.