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June 27 - F3 Pieces for Australia, Africa, and Antarctica added.

F3 pieces to complete your continent set.

Today we offer the final three continents - Australia, Antarctica, and Africa in our F3 List It!! set.

As a reminder, these pieces should reflect many different aspects of the continent.  Try not to focus too much on any particular area or country. 

For a shortened and easier experience for younger children, you may want to just read a book highlighting the continent or country from the continent and have the learner copy in words they learned from one or a few of the books.  Examples of books could include:

M is for Maple, A Canadian Alphabet by Mike Ulmer and Illustrated by Melanie Rose
Pierre Bear by Patricia Scarry
Wee Gillis by Munro Leaf
Down, Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle
Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
The Babar Series by Jean de Debrunhoff

For continents such as Antarctica that do not have a real population you may want to write down articles that you may pack if you were going to be a scientist visiting for 6 months at a time.  Remember that just because we have provided 8 lines, doesn't mean that they all have to be used.

Hope this gives you some addition ideas.
Click Here to download the List It!! F3 set for Australia.
Click Here to download the List It!! F3 set for Antarctica.
Click Here to download the List It!! F3 set for Africa.


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