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June 28 - Animal Themed Story Starter Art Cards

Encourage writing or narration with imaginative art cards.

We are very excited about this new resource we created from the ideas of our kiddos.  This simple sheet of paper turns into a narration writing card that displays the artistic talents of the writer when completed.  This is perfect for the Charlotte Mason method educator or any child who likes to write or draw.
Each card begins as a sheet with a black and white animal graphic of some sort.  The learner then completes the picture by adding some of the following:  a background, details, objects, horizon line, shading or shadows.  Then the artist fills it in with colours using any favourite medium - coloured pencils, gel pens, felt tipped markers, or crayons will work fine.

After completing the drawing, the artist flips the paper over and becomes a writer. :)  Using the lines provided, children create a story or provide a description of their picture.  We have used this line spacing style to encourage new young writers or those writers who are attempting to master cursive writing.

Upon completion of both sides, fold page in half and glue.  Laminate to preserve.  These cards can be easily used in games such as:  guess what's going on in the picture or read the story a loud and ask players try to match the picture to the story they just heard.  It is lovely to see how children create such unique pieces with the exact same starting point.

BTW - If card learning really isn't your thing, you could easily create books with a collection of these cards bound on one side with a comb-bind spine, key-ring or put it into a duo-tang cut in half.

Click Here to download our Animal Themed Story Starter Art Card sets.



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