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June 1 - Extra Resources to Kick off June

June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and today is the Feast Day of St. Justin.

We have some extra additions to share today.  We happily offer a really neat worksheet packet about the Sacred Heart of Jesus shared by Thinking Love, No Twaddle. (Find out more about this mom at her blog.)  This is a neat offering as she has a colouring page and art page for young ones and meatier learning pages for older ones.  You just have to love multi-aged homeschools!  These are very informative and solid.  Thanks again to Thinking Love No Twaddle. :)

Click Here to download the Sacred Heart of Jesus Worksheet pack (4 pages)

Today is also the feast day of St. Justin Martyr.  Help your learners find out more about and narrate what they learn by using our My Book Mini-book: St. Justin Martyr.  These mini-books are always a favourite and include writing prompts to keep learners on track whether they are writing or drawing out the information.  They are perfect for lapbooking as well.

Click Here to download My Book: St. Justin Martyr.

Have a blessed day!!

That Resource Team

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