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June 24 - Science Biology Learning Cards

Our Learning Flashcards add a fun twist to learning science and biology vocabulary terms.

No more dull listing of terms on binder paper only to be thrown away as soon as the final test is given.

Today's resource offering includes cards for science vocab use.  These offer a related image on the front and a space to write out definitions on the back.  Cards are bright and inviting for learners Gr.5 and up.  These are great to use right on up through high school as terms are a bit more advanced and plant and animal cells have diagrams for pictures.

Our sets include the following terms:
Set 1 - cells, organism, animal cell, plant cell, eukaryotic cell, prokaryotic cell
Set 2 - Big Bang Theory, biology, Creationist, Evolutionist,
Set 3 - organelle, nucleus,

There is ample space for answers to be as detailed as needed for basic understanding of concepts.  Cards can easily be covered with contact paper or laminated for longevity.  These are great for fun trivia quiz review. 

Click Here to download Set 1 Science Vocab Learning Cards
Click Here to download Set 2 Science Vocab Learning Cards
Click Here to download Set 3 Science Vocab Learning Cards


That Resource Team


Xhonane Olivas said...

wow! nice change in your template!! Thank you for all your wonderful material!! Do you do all the flash cards yourself?

That Resource Team said...

Hi there,

Glad you like the new look. We hope it makes your visits nicer and more productive. Time always seems to be of the essence in homeschooling, eh? We are glad that you like the resources, especially the learning cards. They are a real favourite here in our home. Yes, we do make all the flashcards ourselves. It takes quite a bit of time, but we think it is worth it if the kids look at them over and over again and if it helps other families, than that is just a bonus. :)

The Team

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