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June 21 - New Testament Bible Learning Cards

New Testament narration learning cards to help solidify the Bible in their hearts.

Today's resource offering is the New Testament sets of Bible Learning Cards.  These sets are similar to their Old Testament counterparts in that they can help children (and adults too) break open the Word of God into little portions that are not so overwhelming for young learners.

Each card includes the name of the book on the front of the card and on the back there is a line for the author and also one for when it was written.  Additional lines are provided for any number of uses, the least of which is simple narration.  These cards are great for Classical Learners as well as Charlotte Mason style learners.

Simply print out, fill out, fold, and glue.  Laminate for stability and longevity.

Here are some uses for these NT cards based on the Catholic Bible:
  • Narrate the overall theme of the book.
  • Narrate the specific meaning of favourite or selected passages.
  • Write a passage they wish to use for reference or commit to memory.
  • Write out events of the book in a bulleted style.
  • Note the miracles that Jesus performed.
  • Note the parables that Jesus used to teach.
  • List new words or terms to learn.
  • Note references to the Rosary as they occur in the books like the Gospels or Revelation.
  • Write the names of people who present themselves in the specific NT book.
  • Write out the names of places mentioned in the book - these could be used for mapping practice later on.
Click Here to download NT Bible Learning Cards set 1 (Matthew - Ephesians)
Click Here to download NT Bible Learning Cards set 2 (Philippians - James)
Click Here to download NT Bible Learning Cards set 3 (1 Peter - Revelation)

Let the Word of God be known and written on our hearts.


That Resource Team

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