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June 15 - What am I? Creation Themed Wall Calendar

Creation Themed Oversized Monthly Wall Calendar

We have just added a brand new monthly oversized wall calendar to our collection. This one is a bit different as it is black and white, can be used for any month of the year, and is interactive. The theme is the creation of animals. God created all of the animals, and it was good. How well can you identify His creations? This calendar uses black and white silhouettes of animals and asks you to name each one. There is a different one for each day of the month. We have also included an answer sheet for anyone who may be needing a little help. :) The border graphics are also in black and white and feature Bible passages on Creation as well.  One passage speaks on animals, the other on the creation of man.

We thought we would try something a bit different this time around - something so simple, but yet so fun and spiritual.

Simply print out sheets, cut apart, and apply to your template. If you have never used one of our calendars before, visit our calendar page from the link at left to see a sample as well as our entire collection.

Click Here to download our Creation themed Oversized Monthly Calendar.


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