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They are Finally Finished and Ready for Downloading..all 26 of them!!

Free notebooking packets to accompany our latest timeline project are waiting for you!!

Our timeline projects are a clear-cut favourite amongst our visitours.  To help bring even more meaning to them we have tried to include go-along printable resources.  In our latest offering called, The  Little Timeline of Composers, we have included the timeline, the image pieces, and reference sheet.  We also included composer biography learning cards that children can create and collect on their own.

To help further bring this resource to life, we have now added notebooking sheet packets for each composer on the timeline.  Each packet includes 21 pages of various layouts, styles and line spacing options.  Sheets highlight the composer as well as the time period of their works - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Late Romantic, Impressionist, or Modern.  A matching image from the timeline is included on some of the layouts too.  Some layouts are especially useful for listing major compositions or creating a timeline for the life or accomplishments of each composer.

We will begin this study in our own little homeschool next week incorporating reading about composers, listening to their actual works and getting to know each, one by one.  We are looking forward to delightful learning. 

Click HERE to visit our Composer Notebooking Sheets page.
Click HERE to see all of Notebooking Resources.

As a side note:
If you are looking for neat way to help your children learn about a few of the most famous composers, then you might want to check out the Classical Kids series.  We own most of them and have loved using them over the years.  For some children this will really bring the composers and their music to life.  Each tale features a specific composer and a sampling of their work set to an interesting historical fiction plot incorporating children as some of the main characters.  You can order them in tangible format of CD or even a DVD movie.  Some are now available for instant MP3 download.  Here are some of our favourites.

Beethoven Lives UpstairsVivaldi's Ring of Mystery (Audio CD)

 Tchaikovsky Discovers America


Kalei - That Resource Team

Let's Learn About St. Faustina and Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Divine Mercy Sunday is coming up.  Are you ready?

Pope John Paul II declared the first Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.  This is a great opportunity for us to pray together for the remission of sins.  This wonderful devotion was revealed and given to St. Sister Faustina - as many call her - first in the form of an image and then the chaplet devotion itself was dictated to her by our Lord, Jesus, in one of His many visions to the young mystic. 

As a family, we usually try to observe Divine Mercy Sunday in our parish where we pray the divine mercy chaplet as a community and we venerate the relic we are so fortunate to have of this wonderful saint who knew and loved our Lord so intimately.

Although the kiddos are a bit familiar with St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which is prayed regularly in our parish, we wanted to do a bit more research on this saint who felt her first call to religious life at age seven.  To help our children explore more about St. Faustina we have created some printable resources including the printable saint trading card (featured above), new saint biography trading cards, notebooking sheets, and more.  You can find all of our resources for this saint conveniently located on one page plus you will find the directions on how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet there as well.

Click HERE to visit our resource page devoted to St. Faustina.

We hope you find these resources useful in some way.


That Resource Team

A Must Have Timeline Featuring the Composers

Composer timeline is sure to be that fun little extra your homeschool music learning sessions are craving

Timelines are always a popular way of learning all kinds of different material for just about any style learner.  Classical, Charlotte Mason style, hands-on or even traditional learners can all find something useful in finding out about who the master composers were, when they lived, and in which musical period they created their masterpieces. 

In many of our religious services we hear beautiful hymns some of which are based on, derived from or created works of the master composers.  God Created Earth and Heaven, which is created from the melody of  Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven, is just such a hymn.  My children could immediately see the importance of the composers, once they heard this hymn sung years ago.  After just a bit of research, we further learned that many musicians created works inspired by God or their faith.  Of course, this is not true of all composers, but each composer has made a significant contribution to our musical heritage.
Timeline Sample Pieces

To help bring the composers to life for younger learners, we have created a Little Timeline of Composers which features 26 different composers as well as includes one space for another composer of your choice which may not have been included in our resource offering.  Timeline picture cards of each composer are provided with their name, birth and death details, as well as the musical period of their works.  The lines for affixing the cards are simple, bright and colourful.  Set-up instructions are included as well as a very handy composer reference sheet to help you remember the order and details of the composers.

Timeline Sample
Timelines are always popular with homeschoolers and our special creations seem to be favourites of our regular visitors to our resource website and blog.  We are certain that this one will become a favourite too.  As an added extra, we have created matching Biography Learning Cards featuring the composers.  You will also find a few additional composers available who are not part of the timeline unit to inspire you to add one composer of your own selection to the timeline.  We have left a blank card specifically for this purpose.

Now, if you are thinking the only thing that would make this project even better is matching notebooking sheets, we were thinking that same thing too! :)   Twenty-one page notebooking sets for each composer and their music period are on the way.  About half of them are created and we will work on the rest of the sets to perhaps post later in the week.

Learn more and download the Little Timeline of Composers.
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See our collection of Biography Learning Cards featuring the composers.

If you know another homeschooling family or teacher who could benefit from this resource, please feel free to introduce them to our blog and website.  We would appreciate it and they hopefully will too.


That Resource Team

New Resources to Help Teach About Sin and Forgiveness Based on the Parable of the Prodigal's Son and the Ten Commandments

New and Favourite Resources to Teach About the Prodigal's Son, Reconciliation, Sin and Forgiveness

As we prepare for our Lenten mission in our parish and enter into the final stretch towards preparation for First Reconciliation in my CCD class, I have created some new resources to help prepare children for their First Reconciliation by using the parable of the Prodigal's Son and the Ten Commandments.

As our Lord, Jesus Christ, told us the truth about our heavenly Father's ability to forgive us our sins through the parable of the Prodigal's Son, so too, it is important for children to be able to see the significance of the Ten Commandments as a way of recognizing one's own sin and thus better prepare to meet our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation where sanctifying grace is to be poured into our souls.  It is great that children can chant out the Ten Commandments from memory, but they must be able to see the application of them to their lives in order to know and recognize their own sin.  If we recall, recognition of our sins is a crucial step to making a good confession.

Over the years I have tried to create a number of different kinds of resources to meet the needs of my kiddos as well as learners of varying ages and learning styles.  Some resources are in game format, others are in printable activities and still others are worksheets and note sheets.  Even if your child is not a big reader, there is sure to be something for them in the way of notebooking sheets or mini-books which encourage narration using words as well as their drawing skills.  The printable confession booklet is an awesome resource to help adults and children alike.  I hope you find our resources helpful and useful for your family or CCD or Religious Education class.

Here is a sampling of a few of the resources in our collection.


Click HERE to see our collection of resources to help teach about the Sacrament of Reconciliation through the parable of the Prodigal's Son and the Ten Commandments.


Kalei - That Resource Team

New Little Lesson for Easter - Via Guade! The Road of Joy! plus a new weekly planner set too!

New Easter Lesson is the perfect compliment for Bible, Faith or Seasonal Study.

We are over half way through Lent.  Easter will soon be upon us.  Our focus will shift from our suffering Lord to our Risen Lord.  We will walk soon walk down the Road of Joy - Via Guade, with our Lord.  To help make this walk more meaningful, Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle has written this WONDERFUL 58 page lesson for our families. 

This new lesson is chalked full of wonderful classic artwork, fun F3 (lapbooking) pieces that reinforce the material, scripture references, mapping exposure, notebooking and copywork opportunities plus some great pieces that could be used for timeline work as well.  You will learn about the events of the Resurrection, the twelve apostles, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Sacrament of Confirmation and so much more.  Add a wonderfully written text that expresses one homeschooling mums love for her faith, and you have a wonderfully complete lesson perfect to celebrate the liturgical season. 

Here are just a few of the pages for you to get an idea of just how bright and engaging this lesson could be for your learners or family.  Click the thumbnail towards the bottom of the post to see an overall view.

And as if that weren't enough, Shell has left some pages blank for easy printing back to back - I love that!  We are just finishing up her Via Dolorosa lesson for Lent in our family and we are really looking forward to starting this one - the timing couldn't be more perfect.  This freebie is a wonderful testimony to the richness of our faith and the love and desire that we have to share it with others.

I know that Shell has been at work for a while on this lesson and I am so thankful that she took the time and care to create this great resource for her own kiddos and share it with us.  We really enjoy her lessons and I love reading her blog.  If you have never stopped by her blog, you should drop in to take a peek at her wonderfully fresh insights into many different homeschooling and liturgical topics.  She also has many great links to free resources too.  Her life is truly inspiring as well. 

And before I forget, Shell also made a cheery little three page weekly planning sheet set that puts many different areas we need to organize into one place.  This could be used in conjunction with her monthly planning sets or used by itself.  They are cute and many will find these quite useful.

Click HERE to download the Via Guade Easter Lesson.
Click HERE to download the new planner set or any of her planner sets.
Click HERE to see all of Shell's shared resources.

If you would like to see a larger sample of pages in this file, click the image below to view the thumbnails.

Please keep Shell and her family and me and my family in your prayers as we continue to try and share what we make for our families with your family. :)