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Thank you,

Don't Forget to Say Thank You!!

The last day of the year brings an opportunity for reflection for blessings received and quick printable thank you notes for the kiddos too.

Everyday when my hubby and I start the day off in prayer, I always begin the same way:
"Dear Lord, we thank you for all the blessings that we have received, both those we understand and those that we have yet to understand.  Let everything we say and do be for Your glory and not our own, in Jesus name, Amen."   
Many times we find it difficult to understand why our Lord gives us the blessings that He does.  Sometimes they are joyful, bold and beautiful like the birth of a child or the marriage of a friend, but many times they are masquerading as crosses for us to bear such as chronic illness, loss of a loved one, or even the daily trials of trying to make ends meet.  As Christians we MUST come to know, trust in, and surrender our wills and our lives to our heavenly Father.  We may at times be tempted to want to give back these hidden blessings because they really don't seem like gifts to us.  But God in His wisdom always gives us what is best for us.

As we greet a new year, I urge you to push forward through the next 365 days with a small step each day toward heaven.  When you think you can't go on or can't make it or things seem too hard - just try a little bit more.  "Just a little bit more" was the message my pastor spoke about on the Feast of the Holy Family.  When you think you can't tolerate it anymore, be patient with them or yourself any longer, be kind to someone, follow through on your word, go without it, or take another moment of pain and agony - try just a little bit more.  Little steps will bring us closer to God, big leaps will make us fall into sin. 

With 2011 in front of us, let's vow to take a daily step together and be thankful for our blessings - whatever they may be.  We would like to thank all of the people who have shown us kindness and support in our online ministry this past year in prayer, word, deed, and donations of time, talents, energy, resources or financial support!!

We ask for your continued support over the next year as the Lord has some really crazy, but really cool things He has in mind for us all.  We are so excited as we will be launching a brand new version of our website very shortly which will make finding resources easier and faster and will compatible with more browser apps.  We will be giving more interactive support to homeschoolers on a regular basis, and of course, sharing tons of resources (and in some really cool and innovative new ways.) So, please please keep us in your prayers and we will continue to pray for you, our supporters, with our family rosary on the last day of each month.

With all this talk of thanks, perhaps you are thinking of those you need to thank or of someone that your children need to drop a little thank you note to?  Then why not download these little thank you notes sent along from Michelle over at  Thinking Love, No Twaddle?  There are two pages per file with two notes per page.  Simply print out, cut in half, write a sentiment, slip in an envelope and pop in the mail. Michelle has been a busy little bee and has lots of neat little resources to share with us including some beautiful notebooking page sets, a new lesson worksheet set, and more planning pages --yippee!!  Make sure to visit us often so you don't miss a thing.  Thanks, Michelle!!  You are so wonderful and generous. :)

Click Here to download thank you notes.
Click Here to download thank you notes with primary lines.

May God pour out His blessings on you and your family in 2011 and may His light keep you warm all winter!!


Kalei and That Resource Team Family

Bible and Prayer Study Notebooking Sheets for January

Simple notebooking sheets allow children the freedom to decide what are the most important details of their learning.

As we continue to prepare for a new year of learning, we share another resource from Michelle over at  Thinking Love, No Twaddle for your January learning. Today's download is a four page set of Prayer and Bible Study sheets.  Each sheet is different and features a different focus including the epiphany, colored art pieces featuring people in prayer, a January page with three spaces, and a page featuring two different saints.  Use one or all of the sheets from the set - whatever works for your family.

Thanks to Michelle for her time, talents and energy.  You are in our prayers. :)

Click Here to download today's prayer and Bible study sheets.


That Resource Team

It's Time to Think About Getting Organized for the New Year

 New winter journal pages help us to get things organized in the new year.

It is time to think about the approaching new year.  If you are like me, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all that still may need to be done in 2010 and with the thought of starting a new year.  Homeschooling will start again shortly as well as planning for winter tasks, activities, and spring needs as well.  What we all may need is some simple organization of our time, talents and tasks.  Thanks to Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle, we offer a nice set of Winter Journal pages to help us get our sights set on moving forward into a new year. 

In this set of twelve landscape styled pages, we can see weeks at a glance, note down birthdays so they are not forgotten, plan our menus, track our learning and reading, plan our curriculum purchases, and more.  This cute winter themed resource brings life and smiles to the tasks that we need to complete. 

Find the link to this set below as well as an add-on two page set with the numbered days of the month for January 2011.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for sharing this goodie with us busy homeschooling mums!!

Click Here to download this set of Winter Journal Pages.
Click Here to download the add-on Journal Calendar set of Pages.
Click Here to see all of Michelle's resources from our website.


That Resource Team

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

May God's light keep your heart warm
the whole year through.

Blessings, That Resource Team

We've Saved A Spot Just for You!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!

I thought that I would share this beautiful picture with you that my fellow catechist friend, Lil, took of our church.  I hope it inspires you to attend Mass tonight or tomorrow and perhaps invite someone to go with you and your family.  How about a relative or better yet, how about someone you haven't spoken to in a while - for whatever reason?  Christmas is that one time of the year that we are all invited to come and share in the biggest birthday party there ever was and will be.  Don't be afraid to reach out in kindness to others...the worst thing that will happen is that they will decline your offer.  But imagine, even if they just came to hear the carols sung by the choir, in my case a children's choir, their hearts can still be surrounded and penetrated by our Lord's love.


Kalei - That Resource Team

Just added - The Decade a Day Spiritual Bouquet is Now Available in Spanish! :)

NEW - Christmas Themed Spiritual Bouquet is now available in Spanish as well as English.

We thought that our readers may really take to this spiritual bouquet which combines prayer, charity and a hot cup of tea as a good Christmas gift.  We were really excited and blessed to have Xhonane from offer to translate this resource for us so that even more families could give the gift of prayer to one another this season. 

We have changed all of the pieces and the booklets as they have been translated into Spanish.  We hope that you find this useful and the perfect gift for that someone on your list.   And don't forget that the Christmas season is still celebrated in Christmastide.  There is no rush to stop celebrating the birth of our Lord or leave his side.  There is no hurry to put away the nativity scene; in fact we keep one of our manger sets out all year round.

Thanks again, Xhonane!!  You can visit her blog here.

Click Here to download De una persona.
Click Here to download De una familia.
Click Here to download En blanco.
Click Here to see our previous post in English with assembly pictures.

Blessings for a relaxing week of preparation for the nativity of our Lord,
That Resource Team

Give the Gift of Prayer. Printable Decade - A - Day Spiritual Bouquet is the Perfect gift for all!!

Beautiful but easy family craft combines prayer and tea and makes prayer a meaningful gift to others!!

A few years ago we created this craft to give to our pastor for Christmas.  We thought it was a wonderful gift as many pastors and priests are forgotten after the Masses are said and the final blessings are given.  We like to think of our pastor as our friend, our shepherd, and also as part of our family.  Daily prayer was good, but the children wanted a little extra special way to pray for him.  Thus our Decade-A-Day Gift of Prayer was created.  We have since reorganized this project so that it is easier to make, fits into a mailer envelope, and is a bit more polished.  See our photos below to see how it all works.

In this spiritual bouquet, the sender(s) will pray a single decade of the rosary daily for a selected person.  The recipient, in return, will relax with a cup of tea daily, spiritually recharging themselves knowing that others are praying for them.  As my pastor just recently reminded me, rest and relaxation are a very important part of our lives, even though we tend to forget to schedule them into our daily or weekly routine.

For this project you will need:
5 Pre-packaged tea bags
Scissors or Cutter
Exacto Knife
Glue stick or double-sided clear tape
Templates - download below

Preparation for Tea Bags:

Cut out “t” shaped tea bag template on outer lines.  Write the date on the days you intend to pray for the recipient of the gift.  Fold all tea bag flaps toward the center with blank sides together. Glue or tape flaps into place. Let dry very well. Place one tea bag into prepared tea bag cover.

Preparation for Booklet:
Print out page templates. Cut in half.  Using an exacto knife carefully cut the black dotted lines. Fold each
template page on grey dotted lines with print side out.

Stack pages in order. Place the cover over the stack and staple on left side at the marks.

Affix the appropriate tea bag, in its prepared cover, into the slits in order by dates selected. You will notice that the graphics match the portion of the rosary said on specific day.  For example, the Nativity will be your first tea bag designated for Monday.  Tuesday will be one of the Sorrowful Mystery covers. Wednesday will be the bag with the Resurrection, Thursday the Last Supper, and Friday the other depiction representing the Sorrowful Mysteries.

This gift can be perfect for just about anyone.  How about remembering any of these nice folks who serve you throughout the year?

Your pastor or priest
Parents, grandparents, or other relatives
Godparents of your children
Your child's catechist or teacher
The Parish Secretary or custodian
Choir members in your church
Those who help you throughout the year - neighbours or friends
An elderly member of your parish
A recent widow or widower
Your physician, dentist, pharmacist or caregiver
Your veterinarian

There are three versions available.  Each one includes a special written introduction.  One version is sent from a single individual, one is sent from a family, and the last is blank space for you to do all of the writing. 
This is the text from the single version:

Today I thought of you and was so thankful to have you in my
life. You are so special to me that I wanted to give you the best
gift I could think of - prayer!!

I will pray for you for five days and dedicate a decade of the
rosary every day for you until a rosary has been completed.

So, relax with a cup of hot tea each day knowing that I am
praying in thanksgiving just for you. May God Bless you always!!

The family version is almost identical with the exception of a change in the pronouns.

We hope that you find this spiritual gift the perfect little something for that someone special.  The kids can help put it together and it doesn't cost very much to make at all.

Click Here to download the single version.
Click Here to download the family version.
Click Here to download the blank version.


That Resource Team

Christmas Recipe Pages are Perfect to Note Your Yummy Holiday Goodies

Recipe pages help preserve family holiday favourites and memories.
In our most recent post we shared a recipe for Christmas Play Clay. We thought that today we should remind you about our free Christmas Recipe pages as well.  These fun sheets are part of our Write a Family Recipe Book project. You can find them as well as pages for 22 other themes in two styles with tabs for easy reference. They are perfect to write in your own favourite family Christmas recipes. 

There are two versions for download.  The Junior version also has pages for you to affix a photo, magazine photo or drawing of your completed recipe or family memory.  The Senior version has simple lines and is tabbed. These pages help make a great family keepsake.

Click HERE to download the Christmas Recipe pages from our collection.


That Resource Team

Christmas Playclay Brings Fun and Relaxation for Kids (and Parents)

Easy to make aromatic clay dough is soothing fun waiting to happen.

If you are looking for a little something to help keep your kiddos occupied while you do a few extra holiday tasks or during a family party, then our homemade play clay maybe just the thing you need.  The secret to our easy to make play clay is its relaxing scent.  The lavender brings about a calming effect and the tea tree oil helps to keep the dough germ free for multiple uses.  Perfect for children who experience anxiety, ADD or crankiness, this clay can be made in a flash with a few kitchen ingredients. 

You will need the following ingredients:

2 c. flour
1 c. salt
4 tsp. cream of tartar
2 c. water
3 tsp. oil (sunflower, canola, or veggie)
8-10 drops of lavender essential oil
3-4 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
~20 drops of your favorite water based food colouring - you could use red or green for Christmas.

Mix the dry ingredients in a clean, dry non-stick pot.  Next, add the water followed by the other wet ingredients including the food colouring.  Over medium heat, stir mixture briskly with a wooden or plastic spoon. (A rice paddle works best.)  Stir until the mixture gels very well.  This takes about 5 minutes or so.  Make sure to fold the mixture every so often in your mixing to prevent it from scorching.

Remove dough from the pot and place on large plate.  Flatten it out so that it cools faster.  Flip it over on the plate every five minutes or so.  Dough will be able to be handled for play in about 15 minutes or so.  Our children like to play with it warm sometimes although once thoroughly cooled, it hardens up to traditional play clay consistency.  Sometimes the warmth of the dough feels more comforting to little ones.

Note:  You could also use different essential oils for different ailments.  If your child is prone to headaches, using peppermint will make playtime therapeutic.  You could also add tea tree and eucalyptus for those with breathing ailments.  Because this activity is so easy and fairly inexpensive to make, you could make multiple batches or new batches weekly if it gets tons of little hands playing at once.  Seal up in airtight container or plastic bag in between play sessions.

Blessings for a great and restful weekend,

That Resource Team

New Sets of Christmas Themed Writing Paper

Writing letters for Christmas helps children build writing and penmanship as well as tells others they are important and valued.

Writing letters to relatives, friends and those who help us throughout the year has long been a task that adults normally take on.  But why not encourage your learners to do it as well?  By putting pen (or pencil) to paper, children can show appreciation and charity toward others, improve their penmanship and grammar skills and of course, feel festive.

Today we offer six new holiday writing paper sets including a beautiful nativity set which utilizes our own parish's stained glass windows.  Each set offers three different line spacing choices for writers of all skill levels.  There are large and intermediate interlined sheets as well as notebook ruled lines.  Portrait orientation is used for all the sets.

Perhaps your writer would like to send a note to someone to:
-Tell them about their current school year or the past year.
-Tell them about special accomplishments they have achieved.
-Tell them thank you for the recipients acts of kindness or charity.
-Tell them they were thinking of them or miss them - especially relatives who can't join you for the Christmas festivities.

Perhaps a note of thanks may be in order to their siblings, priest, instructor, coach, babysitter or neighbour.  Even an invitation to a Christmas party could be written out as well.

Here are some of the samples of the sets.  Keep in mind that the full sets have three pages to a set.

For those how love and use notebooking, you can bind numerous sheets together in folders, duo-tangs, binders, or comb spines to create writing notebooks with a fun and vibrant appearance. You can also trim the sheets and paste them into drawing books or sketch books.

Click HERE to see our entire collection of Holiday Themed Writing Papers.


That Resource Team

Easy Printable Booklet Helps Prepare Us for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Brand new resource booklet is the perfect printable to help prepare young Catholics to meet our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

As we have just entered into the third week of Advent, we are growing closer to Christmas as each day advances.  Part of our preparation for our Lord's coming is not only preparing our homes but also preparing our soul to meet Him as well.  One way many Catholics can spiritually prepare for Christmas is to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Children should also be included in this preparation if they have received this sacrament before or if they they are given the opportunity to receive it for the first time perhaps as part of their preparation to receive their First Holy Communion. 

Since our own parish is getting ready for our seasonal penitential service tomorrow evening, we thought that this printable would be the perfect resource for families.  To help parents and catechists get their children ready for the reception penance, we have just finished creating a neat little printable booklet called, Meeting Our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  

Simply print out the sheets, cut in half and fold pages in half.  This four sheet booklet is printed with four pages per sheet. Page numbers can be found at the bottom of the pages. 

Stack the folded pages (as shown left) in order according to the page numbers and then sandwich them between the folded cover page, with the title facing outward. 

Staple at left where designated with 3 dotted lines.

The booklet provides an introduction to Sacrament of Confession, the dialogue that occurs between the penitent and the priest, popular prayers, as well as an examination of conscience based on the Ten Commandments.  There is even a little page to put some notes or thoughts you may have.

This booklet is perfect for CCD classes or first time penitents.

We hope that this resource can help Catholics everywhere prepare to meet our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Click Here to download this Reconciliation prep booklet.


That Resource Team

Christmas Themed Writing Resources to Encourage Your Learner

Writing art narration cards help build writing, drawing, penmanship and language arts skills all at the same time.

This style of resource is fast becoming a favorite in our home and it seems many of your homes as well.  Built on the ideas of the Charlotte Mason (CM) method of learning, these little sheets turn into art cards while promoting creative writing using picture prompts.  A portion of a picture is provided.  Children finish off the picture using their art skills and just about any medium they prefer - pencils, crayons, markers.  They then write about the action in the picture they created or some other aspect about the picture - setting details, plot, character details.  This activity can also be done in reverse order as well.  You could ask the learner to write a paragraph about the graphic provided and then have them finish the picture based on what they have written. 

Completed pictures can be shared amongst siblings or learners.  They could play games like guess what`s going on in the picture or try and guess what a good title may be for the card based on the writing or illustrations or both.  If your child does a set of cards, they can be stacked and bound on the left using brads, rings, a folder, comb bind spine, or even hand sewn with red or green yarn using holes from a hand punch.  It`s all about the skill building, fun and fellowship that can be gotten from a few sheets of paper.

We hope that this helps with your schooling and skill building in some way.

Click HERE to see our entire collection of Narration Art Cards including two separate Christmas sets.  One smaller set features black and white more vintage style images and the other brand new set of 25 sheets features colour images.

Today`s Reflective Thought - Being a Good Ambassador for our Lord

Many wonder why we would do such a thing as make resources and give them away, no strings attached, to other homeschooling families, catechists, educators, and teachers.  To explain, we simply share this daily antiphon for the Magnificat with you:

Behold, the King will come, the Lord of the earth,
and He will remove from us the yoke of our captivity.

I always explain to our children and those in my CCD classes that once we are marked with the sign of Christ, we become like His special ambassadors.  When we put on a chain with a crucifix or cross, we publicly mark ourselves as Christians and Catholics whether we are in church, in learning time, or in the line at the grocery store - we represent our Lord.  As ambassadors for our Lord, it is our job to help carry out His mission. 

The antiphon above reminds us that our Lord comes to remove the burden of sins, trials and hardships from our shoulders as He offers to put them onto His own.  Following as closely as we can to our Lord, we try to take the burden of finding good homeschooling resources off of your shoulders and put it upon on our own.  As part of our online ministry, we try to create resources that can help those who are Catholic or Christian but also call to the hearts of those who do not yet know our Lord.  We offer kind support to newbies, those worn out from homeschooling, as well as those who love homeschooling.  We don`t offer a full curriculum - not yet, - but it`s nice to know my Master`s degree in education isn`t going to waste even as I meet virtually and physically with homeschoolers looking for help, advice, or just a listening ear.

As you don your chains with crosses and crucifixes to leave your home and mark yourself as a follower and believer, I challenge you to remember that you are an ambassador for our Lord.  Keep this awesome thought in mind, YOU may be the ONLY representative for our Lord that someone who doesn`t know Him may meet. WOW!!  What an awesome job we have.  This is why we do what we do.  We want to be the best ambassador for our Lord that we can be, even for someone who doesn`t know Him yet. :)

Please keep us and our ministry in your prayers!!


Kalei - That Resource Team

Feel free to contact me through our website HERE.

Christmas Themed Worksheets to Make Grammar, Phonics and Math Festive Fun

Christmas themed worksheets make learning about nouns, adjectives, phonics and math fun and festive.

Many families are finishing off their lessons this week and the beginning of next week.  As we get closer to the big day of the celebration of the nativity of our Lord, it is harder for children to stay focused.  As homeschoolers and teachers, we know that we need to finish off what we had previously started, either to be accountable to someone else or to ourselves.  This week we thought that we would try and share a few schooly helps to keep things on track.  These fun printables are holiday themed and easy to use.  Let's see what we can share here. . .

How about a nice review of adjectives?  This is one of the faves here in our little homeschool.  Because writing as well as drawing skills can be used to complete these sheets, they are always fun to do.  This template could be laminated and used over and over.  Children simply draw or write a noun for a person, place or thing in the boxes provided and write a few adjectives for each.  There are three Christmas designs to choose from including the little boy on the left, St. Nicholas, and a Christmas tree.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on adjectives.

Thinking of the upcoming visits of relatives during the season?  How about using our Proper Names worksheet?  Children draw pictures of family members and practice using their proper names remembering of course to capitalize titles etc.  This is one of those sheets that you may end up adding to your proof of learning folder for the year.  It will bring smiles in the years to come as you all reminisce of your homeschooling days. 
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on proper nouns.

Would you like to focus on the Jesus' Holy Family instead of your own?  We've got a sheet for you there as well.  Children use this sheet and others to learn about common nouns in families as they learn about our Lord`s family here on earth.  A word bank is provided for learners.  Learning about the Holy Family is essential at this time of year.  You will find examples for Jesus`s father, mother, grandmother, grandparents, and cousin.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on common nouns.

How about some phonics help?  Our Christmas vowel tree worksheet set is perfect for learners of many different ages and is simple to use.  Simply select a vowel sheet and fill in the missing blanks to create words.  Some vowels have been provided and learners need to put in the additional letters.  The vowel sounds could be for long or short vowel words.  This template could also be heat laminated and used over and over using a wipe off pen, dry-erase pen, fat washable marker, or even a simple crayon.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on vowel sounds. 

Counting down to Christmas can be difficult for all of us with the anticipation and excitement continually brewing in our hearts and minds.  We can at least make counting up to a hundred a bit easier.  If you need Advent math counters, then we have a set for you.  This set features Christmas trees with purple numbers from 0-100.  This is a simple set and does not feature any mathematical symbols.
Click HERE to get this counter set and see other sets as well.

Need even more counting practice? How about using our 100 Math squares counting set.  We have a new blank themed sheet (pictured left) as well as a sheet with numbers provided.  Answers are provided on a separate sheet.  These can easily be laminated and used over and over again.
Click HERE to download this set now.

We hope that these sheets help bring smiles to your school day while still providing solid practice in language arts, phonics and math skills.  Join us tomorrow for Christmas themed writing resources.


That Resource Team

New Latin Worksheet Set - using singular and plurals, review of stella and luna, and more

 New Latin worksheets to accompany Linney's Latin Lessons

Thanks so much to Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle who has shared a new Latin worksheet set with us to pass along to you.  This cute Little Latin lesson worksheet set goes along with lessons 24-35 in Getting Started With Latin by William Linney.

Today's sheets are bright and colourful.  The first page focuses on the terms stella and luna.  It also includes first, second and third person usage and singular and plural usage focuses on the second page.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us all, Michelle!  God Bless you for your generosity.

Click HERE to download this Latin worksheet set.
Click HERE to see the all of Michelle's Latin Worksheets


That Resource Team

Forgot to buy the Christmas Gift Tags? Let us Help!

Print out our fun, festive and colourful gift tags and labels for all your gift giving needs.

We haven't bought a Christmas gift tag for the last few years.  We just decided it would be more fun to make our own. 

Okay now for the truth..two Christmases ago we got so much snow that it wasn't worth it to go out to the store and get a few pieces of paper to mark presents.  So out of necessity (that truly is our motto here at That Resource we made some sheets of our own. 

We happily share these cheerful little tags of different sizes and designs with you today. 

All three sheets are contained in one file.  Simply print out on plain or heavier bond paper and cut apart on the lines.  This is something that can be done lightning fast with a cutter or give the kids some cutting practice and let them have fun with it.

Click Here to download these Christmas gift tags now.

The Gifts of the Christ Child

We are so glad that you stopped in today.  Perhaps we should all take a moment to stop and think about the number of presents we exchange this year.  We used to overwhelm our children with gifts in years gone by, but we learned that the less we gave the more they enjoyed our charity and that of others as well.  This time of year can be very difficult for children, and well meaning adults too.  We all feel pulled to materialism during this time of year.  Let us simply remind ourselves and our family that, traditionally speaking, even Jesus got only five presents. And if that was enough for Him, then might we suggest it be enough for us as well.

Are you trying to recount His five children did that too. Our Lord received gold, frankincense, myrrh, a little lamb, and a song on a drum!! :)

Let the truth ring out, read and reflect on 2 Corinthians 9:7.


That Resource Team

Here's a little Christmas planner to keep things organized this month.

Keeping things organized can help cut down on stress and prevent holiday fatigue.

Keeping things in order is a skill that many begin learning as children.  Clean as you go.  Close what you open, pick up what you drop, replace what you use and so forth.  When things get busy or even hectic at times, we sometimes forget the simple little rules that help keep things running smoothly. 

During the holiday seasons of Advent and Christmas, there are more things that require attention.  More cooking to be done, Church functions to participate in, Masses to attend, traditions to uphold, visitours to entertain, shopping to be done and so on.  How can we keep everything straight without going over budget or grumpy?  Michelle from Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog sent over these festive planning sheets to keep us all on track.  They are simple and fun.  They can be used in a myriad of ways.  Here is a peek at the pages.

Simply print out the pages you need, fill in and post where you and the family can see it.  You may want to print out one calendar page for each need.  Perhaps one for schooling details, one for church details, and one for family/community functions - visitours, co-op meeting, Christmas parties etc.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for sharing this with us.  This is just what we needed in our family! :)

May God bless you for your charity and your willingness to reach and help other homeschooling families everywhere.

Click HERE to download the Christmas plannings pages now.
Click HERE to see all of the wonderful creations that she has shared with us.

 Plan and Stay Focused
Today's reflective thought comes from St.Teresa of Avila who puts it all so eloquently for those of us who have lots on our plate during this wonderful season of Advent.
"Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you, all things are passing...God alone suffices" - St. Teresa of Avila


Kalei - That Resource Team