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June 29 - Saint Biography Learning Cards for Saints Peter and Paul

Celebrate the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.

To help celebrate this special feast day and teach children about these two very important saints, we offer a set of fill-in style learning cards.  These resources can compliment any resource you may already have in your home or find for free on the Internet.

You may find that we generally try to create resources that will work with whatever you may have home.  This is by design as most homeschoolers have a pretty good collection of books and we want to encourage people to use what they may already have as opposed to being required to go out and purchase something new.  This shows us how to be good stewards of our resources as well as our time.

Saint Paul always reminds us to run the good even though our bodies may be too ailing to do much running any more, we can still run and finish the good race of teaching our children about their faith as we constantly strive to build up our own in the process.

Click Here to download Saints Peter and Paul Learning Cards.


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