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May 10 - The Rosary Worksheet

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Children can often have a hard time remembering how to say the rosary or what order the prayers are to be said.  Originally created as part of our CCD class retreat, this worksheet on the rosary helps children learn and become more comfortable with the pattern of prayer used with the rosary.

Simply print out the worksheet and the reference sheet.  Coloured crayons, markers, or pens are needed to complete this worksheet.  Go through the Rosary reference sheet and how to say the Rosary.  Then go through the worksheet colouring the appropriate parts.  The total amount of the each prayer needed is provided for you.  A good way to use this worksheet is to go over the reference sheet first, complete the worksheet, and then pray the rosary together having the children follow along using the sheet moving their finger from bead to bead, decade to decade.

Although some parents or teachers sometimes prefer to leave out the Fatima Prayer for very young children, we have included it because we like it, it's short enough for children to memorize easily, and it reinforces the reality of hell in a day and age that tries to minimize it or pretend that it doesn't exist.  Hell is a reality and even very young children can be taught that Jesus suffered and died for us to save us from going to it.

Click Here to download the Rosary Worksheet
Click Here to download the Rosary Handout Reference Sheet

We hope you find these resources useful and helpful. 

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Gardenia said...

All these lovely activities in rememberance and honor of Mary are wonderful. Thanks for posting them all. I just read your lst three posts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've put up a post linking your sites and will add both to my sidebar.

I think what you are doing is amazing!
I would love to contribute worksheets at some point but haven't a clue how to convert them to Pdf-and I make mine in publisher because I find Word a pain for that kind of thing.
I will make more effort to save the ones I make in future.

Felicity Rose said...

Oh this is so wonderful... I am so happy to discover this site. I now have ideas on worksheets :))

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