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June 25 - List It F3 Pieces for North America Continent Study

New List It!! F3 pieces focus on the continent of North America

This year we are embarking on continental study...again.  Everything in cycles, eh?  My Continental Adventure, as we call in our little homeschool, is a lot of fun.  We designed it a few years ago complete with a multi page passport, stickers, websites, recipes, map work and saint study.  Since it has been a few years since we used it, we have been recently updating it to meet the needs of littlest learner.  Since all the kids are going to participate in this study, we had to make a few resources that suited new or reluctant writers.  These F3 (Flip, Flop and Fold) pieces are the answer.

Each piece focuses on a particular aspect of the continent including the following:  features, foods, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, clothing, sights, saints, and countries.  The front flip piece has an actual map graphic of the continent and the inside contains spaces for 8 items to be listed.  Line spacing is inviting for new writers as well as perfect for those learning cursive. 

Simply cut out the pieces on the lines.  There are 2 pieces per page.  Fold each piece twice on the vertical lines.

Glue the wrong sides of the front flip piece to the middle section.

Have learner fill in and then glue into an on-going project, notebook, file folder, or whatever you desire.

**If you know someone who is or will be studying the continents soon, these sets may be just what they are looking for.  We will be sharing and adding our My Continental Adventure resources to our resource collection as we go through the studies in our little homeschool.  We look forward to lots of fun and adventure.

We will feature List It!! sets for more continents over the weekend!! :)

Click Here to download the List It!! F3 set for North America.


That Resource Team

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