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May is the Month of Mary

May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Visit us all month long as we highlight a different resource daily that is connected to our Blessed Mother in some way.

To begin our celebration of May, we have created a new over sized monthly calendar depicting 31 different images of our Holy Mother. 

To use our calendar resource, simply print out the .PDF file, cut apart, and affix.  Start by making a general template from plain dime store poster-board (7 columns by 6 rows,counting the days of the week titles).  Don't forget to leave a bit of space to put on the border decals.  Arrange and affix your cut pieces to your prepared poster-board or bulletin board as shown in the picture above.  You may want to use cardstock for calendar pieces or laminate plain paper pieces for durability and longevity.  

Use these over sized calendar pieces to create a great family calendar that can be used over and over again.  As it reinforces concepts of time for young ones, you can add loads of fun to your learning month as you reintroduce our Blessed Mother to young Catholic hearts.  There are 31 different images presented of Mary.