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June 9 - Learning Cards for the 7 Days of Creation and the Garden of Eden

New Learning Cards to Learn or Narrate About the 7 Days of Creation

As part of our science lesson this week, the children learned about creation vs. evolution.  These cards were created to help the kids recall the days of creation in a narrative style.  Each card provides a cute clip art reminder of the events on one side and a space for the Genesis passage numerals and narration.  Children could do a number of things on the lines.  Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Copy the passage or a portion of the passage directly from the Bible
  • Narrate what they remember from the passage for the specified day
  • Copy one sentence from the passage beautifully
  • Find and list all of the nouns from each passage
  • Find and list all of the adjectives from each passage
  • Select a phrase to explain - Made in Our Image or According to its kind for example
  • List favourite words from the passage
  • List new words from the passage - expanse, firmament, herb etc.
The lines are fairly close together so don't be afraid to let younger children skip lines to provide more writing space.  These cards are always a big hit because they are not intimidating like a large full page of binder paper could be.  These cards are perfect for home Bible study or CCD classes.

Click Here to download our 7 Days of Creation Learning Card Set.

Tomorrow we will have a tangible resource to help young learners use the Bible properly.  It is great as a stand alone piece or used in a Bible lapbook unit study.  We have used them successfully in our CCD class.


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