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Pope Benedict XVI Mini-Book

Little Mini-Book Research Activity Helps Kiddos Remember and Learn About Pope Benedict the XVI.

Use our simple mini-book to help children build confidence in their research skills as they learn about the 265th Pope.

Using resources you already have on hand or can easily acquire on the Internet, this eight-page booklet is sure to be a welcomed change for new writers and those learning the art of narration or comprehension. Space is provided to answer writing or drawing prompts as well as create a title illustration.

Writing prompts include:
Who is Pope Benedict XVI?
What is so special about him?
When and where was he born? When did he become pope?
What special things did he do or accomplish while he was pope?
Describe his papal coat of arms below using words or pictures.
Write one unique fact about Pope Benedict XVI.

  • Age: Elem+
  • Focus: Introductory research skills, fine motor skills
  • Theme: Pope Benedict XVI, Pope
  • This resource is one of a larger collection of mini-books that can be easily incorporated into a religious Ed. or CCD class.
  • Mini-book Keepsake pages are available to help keep this book and others like it organized and easily accessible for review.

Lenten Fill in the Faces Worksheet

Help Children Recall the Details of Lent

Whether you use this sheet as an ice breaker, an informal quiz, or a take-home activity, it is sure to be met with a bit of enthusiasm. With only a few select ideas, answers that can be colored in, and a printable answer sheet, which children can use themselves, it has everything you need to accompany your Lenten lessons.

This version features US English.

  • Age: Elem+
  • Focus: Fact recall
  • Theme: Lent
  • This resource features US English usage. A UK version is also available

Lenten Mobile and Lesson

Lesson and Mobile Help Teach About Lent

Present the beauty of the liturgical season of Lent and invite children to make their own resolutions with this mobile project.

The lesson is laid out, and instructions for the mobile's assembly are provided in this six-page download that asks children to think about prayer, fasting, almsgiving and how Lent leads them to be closer to God. This resource will create a hanging reminder of Lent that can be used to decorate one's home or a CCD or Religious Education classroom.

  • Age: 7+
  • Focus: Lent, creating a mobile, fine motor skills
  • Theme: Lent, prayer, fasting, almsgiving, drawing closer to God.
  • This lesson can be used in a formal CCD or Religious Ed. class or in the home.

Four Marks of the Church Mobile and Lesson

Four Marks of the Church Mobile and Lesson

I had a chance to write and create this lesson today that a few people suggested last night. It is a mobile lesson on the four marks of the Church. I think it would be good for children who have already made their First Holy Communion, but that is only a suggestion. I learned a lot as I tried to make connections for the children at their level using the CCC. I hope many find it fun and useful. My kids were jazzed about it as I put it together today. That’s always a good sign.

7 Sacraments Mobile and Lesson

Here's what we did in my CCD class last week to begin covering the seven sacraments. Like it? It is a lesson and art project in one. It took us about 50 minutes to do the lesson and finish the art part. I finally wrote out the formal directions so that you can download it for your own Religious Ed., CCD or home use now.



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7 Sacraments Mobile and Lesson