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June 1 - Learning Cards for European History

Our Learning Flashcards for European History

Use these popular little cards to learn about some of the history of Europe.  In this offering we highlight:
William the Conqueror
Edward the Confessor
Harold Godwinson
The Bayeux Tapestry

These cards are the you-fill variety which requires learners to provide the basic info of Who, When, Where, What, and a few extra Notes for each topic.

These cards are perfect for Classical learners as well as Charlotte Mason style learners who utilize narration.  These are always a favourite in our homeschool whether they are read-only reference cards or you-fill recall cards. 

We offer these cards in many different subject areas from math, grammar, papal history, science, literature and more so be sure to search our blog or website.  We look forward to sharing more resources with other homeschooling families.

Click Here to download Learning Cards for European History


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