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May 31 - Hail Mary, full of grace!

Feast of the Visitation

Today we celebrate The Visitation on the liturgical calendar.  In this joyful mystery of the rosary, Mary visits Elizabeth and is joyfully greeted by her cousin and the infant, John the Baptist, in her womb.  It is during this visit that the words to the Hail Mary prayer reveal themselves to us.

"Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb." Luke 1:42

Our resource today is trace copywork sheets for the Latin version of the Hail Mary Prayer.  Find the Ave Maria prayer in both print and cursive trace styles.

Click Here to download the Ave Maria trace copywork in print.
Click Here to download the Ave Maria trace copywork in cursive.

Don't forget to pray the Joyful Mysteries today! :)


That Resource Team

May 30 - Hail Mary Assignment Sheets

Help organize your learning day with kidding. :)

Help keep prayer at the forefront of your family life and homeschool with these inspirational assignment task sheets depicting the Hail Mary in pictures.  These sweet public domain images help remind learners of our Holy Mother as they progress through their learning day.  Sheets are available in light blue, lavender, and gray.  Simply print out, write in the subjects and tasks for your learner.

We hope this uplifts your learning day.

Click Here to download our Hail Mary assignment sheets in light blue.
Click Here to download our Hail Mary assignment sheets in lavender.
Click Here to download our Hail Mary assignment sheets in gray.


That Resource Team

May 29 - Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday is upon us.

We just wanted to make one more resource addition as Trinity Sunday is upon us.  It is some simple copy work based on the Sign of the Cross prayer.  As our pastor shared tonight in the family mass, Trinity Sunday is not a day to ponder who or what is God but rather a wonderful occasion to celebrate all that we already know God to be through the celebration of the Sacraments, attending Mass, praying to the patient listening ear of our Father in heaven, and the coming together as the family of Christ.  These are the methods to witness the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Click Here to download the Holy Trinity copywork in trace print.
Click Here to download the Holy Trinity copywork in trace cursive.

Have a blessed weekend.

That Resource Team

May 29 - Hail Mary Writing Paper for All Ages

Celebrate your faith and evangelize at the same time.

Today we offer a very sweet writing set that is just perfect for notebooking as well as evangelizing!  This set of three different lined sheets is perfect for children or adult alike as it depicts some of the sweetest public domain images of the Hail Mary (in pictorial form) that I have ever seen.  May God bless this artist and other artists who keep the Heart of Mary at the forefront of their talents.

Use these sheets to celebrate your faith when you or your children write thank you notes to others, letters to family members, or even a nice thank you note to your priest or spiritual director.

You can also find these images in a nice little poster set in our resources collection.
Click HERE to download our Hail Mary Writing Paper Set.


That Resource Team

May 28 - From the Heart of Mary - The Greek Alphabet and Symbolism

From the heart of Mary, charity makes itself known.  So too in the sharing of resources for other homeschooling families in this month of our Holy Mother. 

We are happy to present more in the A Little bit of Greek worksheet set generously shared by Thinking Love, No Twaddle. (Find out more about this mom at her blog.)  These resources highlight the Greek Alphabet (3 pages) and the history and meaning of the 3rd century symbol for Christianity incorporating the alpha and omega letters (1 page).  These worksheets are simple, clean, and easy to follow.

Thank you once again to, Thinking Love, No Twaddle! :)

If you would like to help grow our ministry by sharing a resource with others, drop us a line and let us know. We can post your resource, give you full credit, and enable you to reveal your Heart of Mary to other homeschoolers.

Click Here to download worksheets on the Greek Alphabet
Click Here to download worksheet on the Alpha Omega Symbolism


That Resource Team

May 27 - Mary Notebooking Sheets

Notebooking is a neat way for children to learn, recall, narrate, and make a keepsake notebook, all at the same time.  Notebooking can be done with younger children provided that they are interested in writing, are comfortable using writing lines and are able to easily recall what they have learned.  Using notebooking as a main source of proof of learning with details, illustrations, and other little goodies begins at around age ten.  Use these sheets to help learners young and old narrate or recall what they have learned about Mary.

Find each of our sets (two samples are shown) with four different line spacings to accommodate any writer.  The sets are available either with a colour picture or with a blank spot for your child to draw or affix a picture of their own.

Click Here to download the Blessed Virgin Mary Notebooking Sheets  - w/pictures provided
Click Here to download the Blessed Virgin Mary Notebooking Sheets - w/space for children to provide or paste in their own pictures.


That Resource Team

May 26 - Our Lady's Little Garden Helpers

How much do you know about the legendary Ladybug?

Almost everyone has heard about the usefulness of our garden friend, the ladybug. But where did its legendary status come from? Can you believe, centuries ago in Europe. Grape crops were threatened by aphids so farmers began praying to Our Lady for help and intercession. In a short while, a swarm of over 1000 red beetles came and ate up the aphids. They were thought to be a gift from Our Lady and were so called in her honour, Ladybugs.  A gardening story that is sweet and faith-filled.

Today's offering is a simple little maze to help teach children about this garden story. Simply download, print, and play.

Click Here to download Our Lady's Little Helper maze.


That Resource Team

May 25 - Mary Garden Montessori Cards

Here's something to brighten up your learning day - flowers from Our Lady's Garden!

Help children learn about flowers, more specifically flowers that would go into a garden dedicated to the Blessed Mother.  Find the common plant name plus the religious reference as well. 

These are easy to make and fun to use.  Simply print out these cards and cut apart.  Using card stock and then laminating the pieces is always the most durable choice. Once protected they can be taken into the yard, on nature walks, or even to the local garden centre or nursery.

Click Here to download our Mary Garden Montessori card set.


That Resource Team

May 24 - Have a little fun with our Mother Mary word search

Have a little fun today!  Do a word search to find words associated with our Mother Mary. 

Our family loves doing word searches.  We thought, why not make one about Mary in her month.  Words can be found in any direction and the file includes an answer sheet as well.  This puzzle can be a little difficult for very young learners although we have tried to keep the font as large as possible.  Simply print and play.  This resource can also be used in CCD classes for fun review or to start a discussion about the virtuous life of the Blessed Virgin.


Click Here to download our Mother Mary Word Search game.


That Resource Team

May 23 - Mother Mary Poetry and Prayer Bookmark

We love to multi-task.  Actually that isn't true, we multi-task out of  When we create resources we try to utilize multi-subject learning as much as possible to keep our learners enthusiastic and engaged.  We have found through our experience, that many times our children will become overwhelmed with a larger quantity of learning tasks which in turn reduces the joy and fun in learning.  So we try to be creative not only in our approach to teaching and learning but also in the materials we create around our faith.

Today we share our new My Mother Bookmark resource.  Look at the learning possibilities in this little resource:
  1. This resource displays a beautiful image of our Holy Mother exposing her Immaculate Heart.
  2. This piece uses Victorian era graphics with flowers suitable for a Mary Garden (Roses and Sweet Peas).
  3. It teaches The Memorare prayer.
  4. It provides an opportunity for a child to write an acrostic poem about Mary, mothers, or their own mother.
  5. Oh yes, it's also a bookmark. :)
This resource is simple to use - just print, cut apart, fold and glue.  There are two per page and they can easily be laminated to create a nice little keepsake for years to come.

Click Here to download our Mother Mary Bookmark.


That Resource Team

May 22 - Hail Mary Prayer in Latin Put it in Order Game

One of our favourite games for home as well as CCD use has just been made into a Latin version.

As year round learners, we are always creating and using resources in our effort to prevent backsliding.  The study of Latin is one of those subjects that you definitely don't want to lose any ground on over breaks or the summer.  We have just begun converting some of our resources into Latin.  We thought it only fitting to begin with the prayer of our Holy Mother, Mary.

Find our popular download of the Put it in Order - Hail Mary game in Latin.  Available in both colour and black and white, this colour scheme matches its original English counterpart as well.  This makes it even more useful for mix and match games.

Click Here to download the Latin version of the Hail Mary Put it in Order Game (colour)
Click Here to download the Latin version of the Hail Mary Put it in Order Game (B/W)


That Resource Team

May 21 - Mary in the Holy Family

Let's meet Jesus' Family

Mary is part of Holy Family - Jesus' family.  Along with Saint Joseph and her son, our Lord, Jesus, Mary completes the most loving, safe, and best example of the immediate family unit. 

Young learners usually need to learn about family relationships somewhere between Kindie and Gr.2, dependent on where you live.  We created this worksheet to help teach our children about the Holy Family, Jesus' family, while reinforcing familial relationships and practicing handwriting skills.

We thought that we should show our children that they have a lot in common with Jesus' family and so they should feel proud to be Catholic and feel even closer to our saviour.

Click Here to download Jesus' Family worksheet.


That Resource Team

May 20 - A Little Latin with our Holy Mother

Let's learn a little Latin.

Here is another wonderful classical language worksheet contribution from Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  This is a cute gentle little Latin worksheet combo pack that teaches young scholars about Mary, more specifically Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) and Our Lady of Peking.

Many children as well as adults are not too familiar with Stella Maris or Our Lady of Peking (China), so this is a great way to introduce children to these lesser known titles and images of Our Lady.

Thanks again to Thinking Love, No Twaddle for her generous contribution.

Click Here to download A Little Latin worksheet combo set


That Resource Team

May 19 - Mary Garden Math Game

Are you planting a Mary Garden this year?  If so, you might choose to put some roses for Our Lady in it.  You may even need to buy a flat of twelve seedlings or baby rose plants to put in your garden.  Voila - the premise of our math game!
Help young learners practice addition facts to twelve with this very simple game based around the theme of creating a Mary Garden in your own backyard.  Two to four players is ideal although any number could play.  Simply print out the file - one game board and set of playing pieces per player is required.  Cut apart pieces and gather two dice.  Roll the dice and put a flower onto your flat.  If the number is already filled in from a previous turn, the turn is skipped.  The first to fill their flat with flowers to plant in their Mary Garden is the winner.

Mary Garden Math playing board (left) and playing pieces (right).

Click Here to download our Mary Garden Math Game

That Resource Team

May 18 - We Learn by Mary's Example

Let us live and lead others by the Holy Mother's example
When we study about Mother Mary we learn that she is humble, loving, filled with charity, and willing to help others.  As we highlight our Holy Mother this month, let us not forget that by studying and learning about Mary, we too can become like her.  The resource we share today, in our opinion, comes from the heart of Mary as it is shared by a fellow homeschooling mom of 6 children - talk about humble, loving, filled with charity, and willing to help?

Find a neat little 4 page worksheet packet of A little bit of Greek generously shared by Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  These worksheets are really nice because the font is a good size, the concepts are presented in little chunks and it gives one an idea of what learning a little bit of Greek would be like.  As we study Latin in our homeschool, this will be a nice change of pace and a fun addition to our learning day.

Find out more about this mom at her blog.  We thank her so much for exemplifying Mary by sharing your time, talent, and knowledge with other homeschooling families.

If you would like to help grow our ministry by sharing a resource with others, drop us a line and let us know.  We can post your resource, give you full credit, and enable you to reveal your Heart of Mary to other homeschoolers.

Click Here to download A little bit of Greek worksheet pack.


That Resource Team

May 17 - 10 Words about Mary and the Rosary Copywork

What words can you think of to describe the Mother Mary or the Holy Rosary?

Children can practice handwriting and copywork while they learn or recall details that describe the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Rosary.  Each set includes trace copywork sheets in print as well as cursive styles, as well as a writing, non-trace version.  You can use completed sheets as discussion starters and have children try to think of other words that can describe Mother Mary and the Holy Rosary.  You may also want to use this resource to begin a discussion about adjectives - words that describe a noun.

Click Here to download 10 words about Mother Mary copywork set.
Click Here to download 10 words about the Rosary copywork set.

Tracing copywork sample in print and cursive


That Resource Team

May 16 - More Mary Colouring Sheets

Here are even more Blessed Virgin Mary colouring sheets for budding artists. These sheets are from the over 300 Bible lessons available on our Faith Study - Bible Study Resource Page. Find links to either the Old Testament or New Testament near the bottom of the page. By studying God's word we can learn about our Lord, Jesus Christ, as well as His mother, Mary.  Although these Bible lessons were created using the King James version of the Bible, they are still a very useful tool for learning.  We were lucky to find these lessons and be able to share them with you.  Lesson packs contain fact recall, colouring sheets, puzzles and more.
To download and save these .PDF colouring sheets, right click the images, and click Save target as and then browse to the place you want to save it to on your computer.

Click Here to download the Annunciation Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download the Birth of Jesus Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download Mary at the Foot of the Cross Colouring Sheet.

Click Here to download Mary, Queen of Heaven Colouring Sheet.

Have fun!!
That Resource Team

May 15 - Our Lady Match-up Game

What is your favourite title for Mary?
Our Holy Mother Mary is known by many titles. Many of them correspond to her apparitions around the world at various times in our history. Introduce young Catholics to Our Lady with this matching game using titles and classic images of our Holy Mother. Although there were lots of titles to choose from, we tried to select some popular titles (Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima) as well as some lesser known titles (Our Lady of Bethlehem and Our Lady of Charity) as well.

Simply print out, cut apart, and match up titles to images. It's fun, easy, and a great way to study art as well as learn about our Faith. There are a total of 9 sets to match-up.

As a side note, this would be a neat little time filler for CCD classes as well. Many times in our CCD class we will take the last 10 minutes and put out games we have made and have children travel from station to station completing the games. This is a great review for reluctant writers or special needs learners who ordinarily wouldn't respond well to timed written tests.

Click Here to download the Our Lady Match-up Game.

That Resource Team

May 14 - Mary Colouring Sheets

Coloring can be a great way for children to relax, have fun, learn about their faith, and practice art and fine motor skills all at the same time.  We have tried to create a variety of coloring sheets featuring our Blessed Mother Mary in some way. 

Come see our Mary Coloring Sheets.

May 13 - My Book Mini-books the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Explore the Mysteries of the Rosary with our My Book-mini books.

Today's resource highlights on of our more popular features - My book Mini-books.  These little eight page mini-books are perfect for just about any type of learning activity including:
  • Straight, unlined hand-writing practice
  • Narrations (retelling of information) with words, pictures or both
  • Comprehension activities - writing to a predetermined prompt
  • Lapbook mini-book learning piece
  • Story books with words and illustrations 
To use these resources, simply print out, cut apart, order the pages, staple on the lines and then fill in.  We suggest stapling before writing as sometimes children go to the left edge too much and the stapled spine can cover their writing.

These books are perfect for lapbooks or choose to use one of our My Book Mini-book Keepsake pages instead.  We have one with the Rosary theme.  Simply print out the Keepsake pages, affix the books and fill in the date.  Children can create a cover or use one of ours.  We store our My Book collections on keepsake pages in a three-ring binder.

We should also say that these books are perfect for CCD class use as well.  We look forward to adding more and more books to help teach the faith to the littlest souls.

Click Here to download My Book about the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
Click Here to download My Book about the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
Click Here to download My Book about the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
Click Here to download My Book about the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

Click Here to download our Rosary Themed Keepsake Pages

That Resource Team

May 12 - Set of 6 Madonna and Child Montessori Cards

Montessori cards are a great way to encourage natural learning for your children.  We have found that cards of any sort are always a hit in our little homeschool.  Download this neat set of 6 Montessori cards of the Blessed Mother Mary and Baby Jesus from various classic artists from different time periods.

To use this resource, simply print out and cut apart the six cards on the lines.  It is better to use heavier bond paper or laminate the cards to extended use.

Print out and prepare two sets to play a small round of concentration.

If you've never used Montessori cards before, here are a few ways that you can use these sets of cards:

  • Compare and contrast the people in the pictures - hair colour, clothing, etc.

  • Note and discuss the backgrounds in the cards or the positions of the subjects

  • Talk about the depictions of the Baby Jesus in comparison to your child's vision of what Baby Jesus would have looked like

  • Play concentration/memory games

  • Layout all six cards and mentally select one to use, then give your child clues to your selection.  Clues could include mediums used in the pictures, picture details, artist bio details, or time period notations
These are just a few of the ways that you can use these cards.  We hope you find them useful and a fun change to your homeschool.  Find more Montessori Art and Catholic sets in our collection of printable resources.
Click Here to download our set of Madonna and Child Montessori art cards.

That Resource Team

May 11 - Our Learning Flashcards featuring the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen Prayers

Flashcards have been around for awhile but they have generally been used to help children learn math facts, alphabet names, or phonics sounds.  We decided to do something a little different to meet the needs of our trivia loving children.  We made Our Learning Cards bigger, brighter, and filled with unique info that makes the cards suitable for fact recall as well as for reference use.  We've tried to include many different learning areas, including our Catholic faith. 

Find our easy to make flashcards to help children learn and say some of the basic prayers of our faith including the Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, and Fatima Prayer.  Simply print out the .PDF file, cut out the pieces on the lines, fold in half, and glue.  Laminate for durability and stability, as pictured above.

Click Here to download the Hail Mary/Our Father Our Learning Cards set
Click Here to download the Fatima Prayer/Hail Holy Queen Our Learning Cards set

These cards are perfect to help children learn to say the Rosary - which is why we initially created it.  They are simple enough to create for CCD class use as well.
That Resource Team

May 10 - The Rosary Worksheet

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Children can often have a hard time remembering how to say the rosary or what order the prayers are to be said.  Originally created as part of our CCD class retreat, this worksheet on the rosary helps children learn and become more comfortable with the pattern of prayer used with the rosary.

Simply print out the worksheet and the reference sheet.  Coloured crayons, markers, or pens are needed to complete this worksheet.  Go through the Rosary reference sheet and how to say the Rosary.  Then go through the worksheet colouring the appropriate parts.  The total amount of the each prayer needed is provided for you.  A good way to use this worksheet is to go over the reference sheet first, complete the worksheet, and then pray the rosary together having the children follow along using the sheet moving their finger from bead to bead, decade to decade.

Although some parents or teachers sometimes prefer to leave out the Fatima Prayer for very young children, we have included it because we like it, it's short enough for children to memorize easily, and it reinforces the reality of hell in a day and age that tries to minimize it or pretend that it doesn't exist.  Hell is a reality and even very young children can be taught that Jesus suffered and died for us to save us from going to it.

Click Here to download the Rosary Worksheet
Click Here to download the Rosary Handout Reference Sheet

We hope you find these resources useful and helpful. 

That Resource Team

May 9 - Describe Mother Mary Worksheet

Happy Mother's Day.

Today's resource gets learners thinking about mothers.  Who says we can't mix religion, grammar, and fun?  We think that it is possible to infuse the faith into anything we study and grammar is no different.  Use this graphic organizer worksheet to teach about adjectives - words that describe nouns.  Using the picture Madonna and Child by Sassoferrato and the common noun mother, children can practice finding words that describe a mother, their own mother, or our Holy Mother.

This sheet, and others like it, are always a big hit with our children as they allow for drawing and/or writing of words in the ovals.  This worksheet can be used with any age group and is very well suited for use in CCD or ESL classes.

Click Here to download the Mother graphic organizer worksheet.

That Resource Team

May 8 - The Hail Mary Put it in Order Game

Prayer is lifting our hearts and minds to God.  It can sometimes be intimidating to talk to God without a plan, that is why the memorized recitation of prayer is so useful for little souls and big souls alike.  The Hail Mary Put it in Order Game is the perfect little activity to help children become confident in saying and understanding the Hail Mary prayer. 

Simply print out the file, cut apart the pieces on the lines, mix up the pieces, and have players re-order them.  Pieces can be laminated for extended use.  This game is a great resource for beginning CCD classes.  Create many sets and have children play it individually, in teams of two or in other small groups.

Page 1 sample

Click Here to download a colour version of this game.
 Click Here to download a B/W version of this game.

That Resource Team

May 7th - Help Children Learn the Hail Mary Prayer Through Copywork

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death.
Use our gentle trace style copywork to help children learn to say, write, and understand the prayer which honours the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God.  Copywork sheets feature only a few lines per page and passages are available in print as well as cursive styles.
Click Here to download the Hail Mary print trace copywork set.
Click Here to download the Hail Mary cursive trace copywork set. 
That Resource Team

May 6 - Mother Mary Wooden Bookmarks

Our Holy Mother is honoured as we put a new twist on an old favourite - the bookmark.

Although we generally aren't all that crafty in our homeschool, we still try to make time to be creative in fun ways.  Our creations aren't perfect, but our love for Mary is evident in this fast, fun and useful project  - a wooden bookmark created in the image of Mary. 

This project began with wooden sticks in the shape of people.  You can find these cute little sticks at education and craft stores.  The bag we bought gave both a male and female template.  We used both in our creations.

Next we used gel pens in various colours to decorate our sticks.  We kept the colour selection simple - blues, yellow, gold, and white - colours associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary.  NOTE:  Do not use any water based or felt tipped pens as they will be absorbed into the wood and run with the grain. 

The task given to the children was to draw Mother Mary in her mantle.  Little details such as a black belt to show pregnancy or different coloured layers to create a fuller mantle, added life to each creation.  The faces were tricky, but I simply reminded the children that love and honour do not require perfection.  Google eyes were added for fun and ease.  Once the artwork was completed, a little ejaculation of choice was then printed on the bottom.  You can see in the picture below that each child has their own creative style and idea of what the Holy Mother looks like. 

Once completed, these little ladies fit perfectly into novels with the ejaculation portion remaining in the book and the figure sticking out of it.  These are easy to make, fun to do, and encourage reading.

That Resource Team

May 5 - The Mysteries of the Rosary for Little Hearts and Hands

We've created a brand new game to help little hearts and hands learn about the individual mysteries and decades of the holy rosary.  This game is simple enough for first graders to use and a great review for older learners and those new to the Catholic faith.

Simply print out the files and cut apart the pieces on the lines.  Separate out the main titles of the Mysteries.  Mix up remaining pieces and have players match them up to the appropriate Mystery in the proper order.  We have used this game successfully in our CCD classroom.


Rosary Match Game


Use our handy Rosary handout as a reference sheet for those who may need a bit of assistance.  This sheet is also good to use as a discussion starter or to help explain the richness of the rosary.


Download the Rosary Match-up Game Here
Download the Rosary Handout Reference Sheet Here


That Resource Team