Fun printable resources help and encourage children to learn about Pope Francis

Celebrate the solemn season of Lent with prayerful and faith-filled activities.

My Timeline of Faith and World History

Encourage young Catholics to explore history in the context of Christianity.

States of Matter Notebooking Set

Help learners to review the States of Matter and make connections to their own lives.

Welcoming Daily Assignment Sheets for Boys and Girls

Theme sheets for boys and girls can foster independence while helping them to set goals, develop time management skills, and form virtuous character.

Welcome to our Free Catholic Printables for Religious Educators

Have a look at all the religious education materials we offer. We're sure you will find something you've been searching for here. From basic printable worksheets you can use in your homeschooling or Religious Education class, to complete Resources for Parishes, DRE's and Catechist Teachers.

8 Things to Help You Participate in Mass Handout

Help Children Focus on the Mass with Eight Easy Reminders
This printable sheet is a very easy way to help build a better understanding of the Mass through preparation and participation for this most important event. The eight simple reminders presented are applicable for Catholics of all ages, although they have been written especially for children.

This is a solid teaching tool for first-time communicants and a great review sheet for those who may find it a bit challenging to remain focused during the Holy Mass.

Over 30 Ways to Keep the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Forefront of Your Home or Class

For the special month of May or at any time of the year, we invite you to use some of our favorite Mary, Month of May Resources, old and new, to bring a reminder of the Mother of God to the forefront of your lessons, learning time and family life.

Life of Christ Timeline for Preschoolers and Young Catholics

Help very young children learn about Jesus with this friendly introduction to 24 events in the life of our Lord.

This smaller-sized timeline uses standard 8.5"x11" size paper and is perfect for small spaces and those who prefer to use the Classical learning style or an incremental teaching approach.

We've included two blank timeline pieces for you to color in and create your own events to add to the timeline.

To create our Life of Christ timeline follow these steps.

 1. Download our Life of Christ Timeline from our website.

 2. Cut apart all pieces on dotted lines.

 3. Affix lines to wall or bulletin board by placing the header at the top and following down through time by alternating curves and lines. (See below as an example.)
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4. Affix cards to lines; there are three events per line. Display in order by occurrence or by desired study focus.

Feel free to organize the lines and pieces in the way that works best for your family or classroom.

  • Age: Wee+
  • Focus: Recognizing the order of events in the Life of Christ
  • Theme: 24 important events in the life of Jesus Christ

Sin and Forgiveness Worksheet

Help learners prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This worksheet was created for CCD or home use. Three areas of content are covered in it.

1. Three common names that represent this sacrament
2. Five steps to a good confession
3. Three main effects of receiving this sacrament

References are given from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), and an answer key is provided.

  • Age: Gr.2+
  • Focus: Recalling factual information about the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Theme: Preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • This can be used as a worksheet or a quiz.
  • References to the CCC are provided, and an answer key is included.
  • An alternate color version of this resource is also available

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