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F3 Folder Lapbook Style Lesson on the Seven Sacraments

Teach about the Seven Sacraments with our fun Lapbook style Lesson .  The Seven Sacraments are an integral part of the Catholic Faith. They give meaning to our faith, traditions and practices as Jesus Christ instituted them and called them into practice Himself. We invite you to use our lapbook style double F3 Folder About the Seven Sacraments to enhance and supplement your lessons.

Perfect for use in your homeschool, CCD or religious education class, this resource is designed to build understanding of the sacraments and their role in the church. There are six F3 piece activities that can help you teach or reinforce your lessons on sacraments whether you use a formal curriculum or one that you have put together yourself. 

This F3 - Flip, Flap & Fold Folder is dedicated to teaching young Catholics about the sacraments - including form, matter and effects of each, Sanctifying and Actual grace, types of sacraments (Initiation, Healing, Service of Communion), and the ambry.

If you like lapbooking, then you are sure to like this resource.  Learn more about and download our F3 Folder on the Seven Sacraments now.
Blessings, Kalei

Sin and Forgiveness Worksheet

Simple worksheet helps learners prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This worksheet was created for CCD or home use. Three areas of content are covered in it.

1. Three common names that represent this sacrament
2. Five steps to a good confession
3. Three main effects of receiving this sacrament

References are given from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), and an answer key is provided.

  • Age: Gr.2+
  • Focus: Recalling factual information about the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Theme: Preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • This can be used as a worksheet or a quiz.
  • References to the CCC are provided and an answer key is included.

Learn About the Chasuble and Liturgical Colors of the Church Worksheet Set

Learn about the liturgical colors, what they mean and the chasuble as well.

This five-page set of worksheets explains about the symbolism of the liturgical colors of green, purple, red, white, and rose (pink) and when they are used in the church year. A picture is provided for children to color and the text changes on each page. Finished work can be displayed showing the entire year on a bulletin board, wall or 3-ring binder.

Although the style, shape and artistic designs of the chasuble have changed over the past few hundred years, it is still recognized as the appropriate outer garment that the priest wears to celebrate the Holy Mass.

  • Age: Elem+
  • Focus: Litugical colors of the church
  • Theme: Chasuble, vestments, liturgical colors used in the church
  • Butler's Lives of the Saints Notebooking Set for April

    This beautiful 33 page notebooking set created and shared to us by Sanctus Simplicitus corresponds to Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints Notebooking Set, specifically for April.

    These wonderful pages have a beautiful layout and offer a notebooking sheet a day all month. Pages in this resource do not include a date on each page but rather a lovely spot for users to write in the Feast Day of the saint featured. Also included are a cover sheet and an intro page to help learners remember the dedication of the month for April as designated by the Church.

    Saints featured in this set for the month of April include:

    Saint Hugh, Bishop
    Saint Francis of Paula
    Saint Richard of Chichester
    Saint Isidore, Archbishop
    Saint Vincent Ferrer
    Saint William
    Saint Hegesippus
    Saint Dionysius
    Saint Mary of Egypt
    Saint Bademus
    Saint Leo I
    Saint Sabas
    Saint Hermenegild
    Saints Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus
    Saint Parternus
    18 Martyrs of Saragossa
    Saint Anicetus
    Saint Apollonius
    Saint Leo XI
    Saint Agnes of Monte Pulciano
    Saint Anslem
    Saints Soter and Caius
    Saint George
    Saint Fedelis
    Saint Mark, Apostle
    Saints Cletus & Marcellinus
    Saint Peter Canisius
    Saint Paul of the Cross
    Saint Peter of Verona
    Saint Catherine of Siena