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June 18 - Animal Matching Game with God as Creator

Animal Silhouette Fun

We liked the animal silhouettes that we featured the other day so much that we made a card game to go with it.  It is very simple and easy to play for many different ages. Simply identify the animal in the silhouette and match it to its name. 

This can be done using a Go Fish style of play, Concentration style for one to two players or a variation of Old Maid called Great Creator.  Great Creator is like playing Old Maid except that God in His goodness created all of the things pictured and we want to be with Him. The person who is left with the Great Creator card in the end is the winner.


Sample sets

Print out file (heavier bond paper is better or laminate pieces), cut apart and play.

Click Here to download our Animal Matching Game.


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I'm loving this. thanks. printing it off now!

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