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Christmas Themed Worksheets to Make Grammar, Phonics and Math Festive Fun

Christmas themed worksheets make learning about nouns, adjectives, phonics and math fun and festive.

Many families are finishing off their lessons this week and the beginning of next week.  As we get closer to the big day of the celebration of the nativity of our Lord, it is harder for children to stay focused.  As homeschoolers and teachers, we know that we need to finish off what we had previously started, either to be accountable to someone else or to ourselves.  This week we thought that we would try and share a few schooly helps to keep things on track.  These fun printables are holiday themed and easy to use.  Let's see what we can share here. . .

How about a nice review of adjectives?  This is one of the faves here in our little homeschool.  Because writing as well as drawing skills can be used to complete these sheets, they are always fun to do.  This template could be laminated and used over and over.  Children simply draw or write a noun for a person, place or thing in the boxes provided and write a few adjectives for each.  There are three Christmas designs to choose from including the little boy on the left, St. Nicholas, and a Christmas tree.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on adjectives.

Thinking of the upcoming visits of relatives during the season?  How about using our Proper Names worksheet?  Children draw pictures of family members and practice using their proper names remembering of course to capitalize titles etc.  This is one of those sheets that you may end up adding to your proof of learning folder for the year.  It will bring smiles in the years to come as you all reminisce of your homeschooling days. 
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on proper nouns.

Would you like to focus on the Jesus' Holy Family instead of your own?  We've got a sheet for you there as well.  Children use this sheet and others to learn about common nouns in families as they learn about our Lord`s family here on earth.  A word bank is provided for learners.  Learning about the Holy Family is essential at this time of year.  You will find examples for Jesus`s father, mother, grandmother, grandparents, and cousin.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on common nouns.

How about some phonics help?  Our Christmas vowel tree worksheet set is perfect for learners of many different ages and is simple to use.  Simply select a vowel sheet and fill in the missing blanks to create words.  Some vowels have been provided and learners need to put in the additional letters.  The vowel sounds could be for long or short vowel words.  This template could also be heat laminated and used over and over using a wipe off pen, dry-erase pen, fat washable marker, or even a simple crayon.
Click HERE to get this and other sheets focusing on vowel sounds. 

Counting down to Christmas can be difficult for all of us with the anticipation and excitement continually brewing in our hearts and minds.  We can at least make counting up to a hundred a bit easier.  If you need Advent math counters, then we have a set for you.  This set features Christmas trees with purple numbers from 0-100.  This is a simple set and does not feature any mathematical symbols.
Click HERE to get this counter set and see other sets as well.

Need even more counting practice? How about using our 100 Math squares counting set.  We have a new blank themed sheet (pictured left) as well as a sheet with numbers provided.  Answers are provided on a separate sheet.  These can easily be laminated and used over and over again.
Click HERE to download this set now.

We hope that these sheets help bring smiles to your school day while still providing solid practice in language arts, phonics and math skills.  Join us tomorrow for Christmas themed writing resources.


That Resource Team

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