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June 10 - Help Children Find Bible Passages

Little F3 Piece to help children build confidence in reading the Bible

Finding passages in the Bible can be a little daunting for new readers, young readers, and those new to the faith.  We found that to be the case in our CCD class this past year and so we came up with a fun little F3 Piece to meet this challenge.

Simply cut out the pieces, punch out the little circles, lay in order and attach a brad.  The first page is an explanation on how to read Bible passage reference numerals.  The next page asks learners to find passages to well known Bible events.  If they follow the numbers correctly, they should end up at the specified event.  I usually order the page pieces chronologically as the events took place.

Are you asking yourself what are F3 Pieces? :)  They are our answer to lapbooking.  Quite frankly, we can never finish a lapbook because of the sheer volume of things to do to complete the tasks as suggested or set out by the author.  Now I know that you can make adjustments, but it was all too much for us accomplish with multi-aged learners - some with unique needs.  We wanted the fun of cutting and playing with paper without the constraints.  Voila - little pieces that you Flip, Flop and Fold (F3) that could be added to other projects already on the go.  All the fun of lapbooking in self-contained mini-projects that you can glue into notebooks, use as a stand alone resource, or incorporate into worksheets.  Now that's different, stress-free, and very do-able.

Look for more F3 pieces to come.

Click Here to download the F3 Piece - Finding Bible Passages


That Resource Team


Xhonane Olivas said...

Great, great ideas, as always!!!

That Resource Team said...

Thanks so much!! We are so glad that we can share some learning fun with you and your family. Always good to know that others like what we do and find it useful for their kiddos.

Jared Dees said...

What an excellent idea! Have you ever had the kids create their own F3 Peices as you progress through the year? I can picture them getting very excited about decorating these things.

That Resource Team said...

Hi Jared,

We started creating these pieces mostly to be used in our CCD class. The goal was to have one piece per class session but that proved to be too much for the children as many were younger and fatigued from their school day. We ended up with about one a month. Traditional lapbooking requires quite a bit of writing at times so our F3 alternative provided much of the info leaving the fun cutting and pasting for the children. We have stand alone F3 pieces for Advent, What is a Soul, the 3 states of water (Trinity go-along)to name some of them, but we just haven't posted them all yet. It's on our list though. :) We hope to have the F3 pieces, My Books on CCD Mini-books unit and new CCD Learning Cards & games up by the end of July in time for the new CCD year. As we homeschool year-round, it is just a matter of getting it all in. You are very correct though - children love the creating process.

The Team

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