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Hands-On Literature and Reading Notebooking Pages

Interactive notebooking pages can help children keep track of what they read and their thoughts about it.

This eight-page download lovingly created by Shell from Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog is designed to help children track what they read or audio books they listen to by using notebooking sheets with distinct sections as well as illustrations of book covers.

Space has been left to glue in book cover pieces.  Some titles are included in this educational download to get you started. Art loving learners could also draw in their own version of book covers, the author, or even a favorite scene from the book.

This is a very tangible and fun way to track reading progress for a variety of subjects like religion, science, history, or nature study.   

You can download this Literature and Reading Notebooking Pages pack now. 

To see all the resources that Shell has created and so willingly shared with us all, visit her Thinking Love, No Twaddle contributor page on our website.


19th Century Timeline Notebook Gives a Great Catholic Perspective of the 1800s

Examine the events of history with this 19th Century Timeline Notebook lovingly created by Shell of Thinking Love, No Twaddle Blog. The nine-page resource serves to share world history as well as Catholic events from the 1800s with a running list of historical events - including the birth or death of specific saints, apparitions from our Blessed Mother, and more.

There are some very neat features in this resource.

-Spaces are available to create your own little notebook area to add additional events of the time period.
-Catholic events are highlighted in blue.
-Beautiful artwork is used in the backgrounds of many of the pages.
-A blank page is included for other events you may want to include immediately before or after the 19th Century.

This could serve as a wonderful addition to any history study or program.

We will definitely be adding this resource to our studies next year.  Thanks so much for your generosity and energy, Shell.


Please Help Us Welcome a New Contributor to Our Website!

We are so pleased to welcome Jennifer from Crafolic to the Catholic Contributor area of our website!  She has willingly shared some resources she has created with us to help homeschoolers on their learning journey.  The  mother of nine children, Jennifer shares her family's homeschooling journey and uniquely Catholic lifestyle with us all from her blog that is so lovingly and cheerfully filled with faith-filled crafts, creative ideas and Catholic inspirations to help you and your family live your faith daily.

Stop by her special page on our website to see the printable creations she has shared for you and other homeschooling families, including some worksheets, a fire-safety book that your kiddos can illustrate, and even a sweet prayer chart featuring St. Joseph and the Child Jesus.  As always, we encourage you to leave a comment on the download pages of the resources you like. This helps share the Faith as well as these wonderful freebies with other families too. 

Blessings, Kalei

F3 Folder Lapbook Style Lesson on the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of Jesus. She is a powerful intercessor and as Jesus stated from the cross, she is our mother too. She was born sinless of the Immaculate Conception, and next to Jesus, she is the most perfect example of humanity that God ever created on Earth. She gives nothing less than an awesome example, of how we should live a joyful, obedient and charitable life for love of God. This F3 Folder about the Blessed Virgin Mary is a good way to introduce your child or class to our Holy Mother, the perfectly virtuous life she lead and the powerful intercessor that she is.  

Perfect for use in your homeschool, CCD or religious education class, this resource is designed to build understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role in the Church and the Catholic faith. There are five different learning activities and two F3 piece activities that can help you teach or reinforce your lessons on Mother Mary, whether you use a formal curriculum or one that you have put together yourself

Blessings, Kalei