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June 23 - New Math Counters for Kids

New Global Themed Math Counters have been added to our resource collection.

So, we finally wore out our favourite dinosaur themed math counter set for our littlest kiddo and were ready for a new set.  Since we are starting to study the continents this week we thought what better a theme to incorporate into a new set. 

This set is a bit different than our other math counter sets.  It includes the numbers from 0-100 but it is a bit more mature looking, has a focus on counting by 5s as well as a full set of symbols for older learners.  We usually print out two sets and use them for tons of games and math tasks that we do daily for review and fun.  These sets leave lots of room to grow so don't worry about the ink and paper as you can use it for multiple children or multiple ages.  For best results print out cards on heavier bond paper.  Laminate if you really want to preserve them in a classroom or for more than a few users in a home.

You may be asking, what can you do with this set or sets of these math counters?  Let us list some of the few activities we use them for in our little homeschool:

*Arrange numbers in order from 0-100.
*Call out number and have child identify.
*Call out math problems and have children write it out and solve it using the cards.
*Play Go Fish with selected numbers like 5s, 10s etc.
*Play Concentration or match-up style card games with selected numbers.
*Identify all the odd or even numbers in a selected group.
*Play War style games - who has the highest/lowest number wins, pull two cards at once and the highest sums wins, pull two cards and the highest/lowest product wins.
*Find the LCM for numbers.
*Find the factors of specified numbers.
*Have children create a pattern of numbers and tell you the rule orally like +3,-1.
*Have children skip-count their multiplication tables by arranging the cards in order.
*Create fact families or number sentences.
*Compare numbers or number sentences.
*Have races to see who can order number cards the fastest with the least errors.

There are of course so many other ways of using them but we thought we would share some of our most common ones.  If this set doesn't appeal to you we have many other themed sets in our Math Games section on our resource website .

We hope you find these cards fun and helpful math manipulatives.

Click Here to download our new global themed math counter set.

Happy Counting!!


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