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June 12 - Let's Learn About Animals Part I.

Use our simple style science Learning Cards to help children learn about animals from all over the world. 

We are beginning to study animals in science as well as in our world geography studies.  We created these sets of Learning Cards to help children study animals and geography at the same time.  Each card asks the learner to simply circle the proper information.  This is great for younger learners who are just starting to learn research skills while still presenting and encouraging proper vocabulary use of such terms as: class, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, vertebrate, and invertebrate.
We created these resources so that even little learners can find and note information without being overwhelmed by having to write everything out.  By circling the info the find, they can still feel a sense of accomplishment and more easily participate in multi-aged learning in science.  Not to mention that this also helps in the geography area as well.  As many animals are found on more than one continent, the opportunity to circle all that apply presents itself.  This encourages higher order thinking as well. 

We have tried to list animals from various continents spanning all of the classes.  We used real photographs of animals in their habitats (wherever possible) to help really give children a good idea of what the animal looks like if they saw it for themselves.  All of our images have come from the public domain, so that has been our only limitation.

Today's resource sets include the following animals:

Set 1 - Lemur, Koala Bear, Armadillo, Coatimundi, Manatee, Badger, Gray Wolf, Bearded Seal, Wolf Brown Bear

Set 2 - Moose, Coyote, American Bison, Marmot, Ground Squirrel, Raccoon, African Elephant, Lion, Masai Giraffe, East African Hippo

We will try and present the sets over the next few days. If you know of anyone doing a continent study or animal study now or this coming academic year, why not tell them to come and visit too.

Plus - We will soon be posting a go-along Classification Animal Learning Cards for older learners to learn about animals, develop their Latin skills, and practice classifying God's wondrous creatures.

Click Here to download Simple Animal Learning Cards set 1
Click Here to download Simple Animal Learning Cards set 2

We hope you find these useful and fun!! :)


That Resource Team

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very neat. love the back side where they have to circle the correct answer!

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