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June 3 - Dedication of the Months Game

Learn and reinforce the Dedication of the Months with this quick and easy matching game.

Do you ever have so many things on your plate that you don't know where to start or what to do first?  If you are a homeschooler than you know this feeling all too well.  Many times this same feeling can happen in our spiritual and prayer life.  There are so many things and people to pray about or pray for that we sometimes don't know where to concentrate our efforts.  We want to offer adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and of course, supplication, but how do we organize it all.  If we were called to religious life, than we would have way more prayer time but the fact is, we aren't.  We are part of a teaching order, but it is within the confines of married life, for most of us. :)   God knew that it would become progressively difficult for man to keep Him at the forefront of daily life and so He thought of everything - as if we didn't already know that.  The Catholic Church developed the Dedication of the Months to help us keep our spiritual prayer life in order.  Each month is dedicated to a special mystery of the faith or special saint.  This helps us to better focus our spiritual energies and keep God at the centre of our life.

January - The Holy Name of Jesus
February - The Passion
March - St. Joseph
April - The Resurrection
May - The Blessed Virgin
June - The Sacred Heart
July - The Precious Blood
August - The Assumption
September - The Holy Cross
October - The Rosary
November - The Poor Souls (Holy Souls in Purgatory)
December - Advent (The Coming of Christ)

Today's resource is a little game that matches month name to dedication.  Simply print out, cut apart, mix-up and then match-up.  Laminate pieces for longevity.  This game is perfect for fun faith formation at home or in a CCD class.  Many adults do not have these committed to memory either so this game can be useful for all ages.

Click Here to download the Dedication of the Months game.


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