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June 22 - Play a Syllable Symphony for Fun!!

Play a simple Bingo style game with a twist to help children learn about animals and syllables at the same time.

Introduce or review the concept of syllable sounds with children as they learn to say and spell the names of animals.  This game has a neat twist to it in that it is played like bingo but uses a specific number of musical note graphics to represent the syllable sounds in a word.  It is simple to make and play.  This game can even be useful for non-readers as the parent could read the words and the child would only need count the syllable sounds using clapping if necessary.  It is fast to complete and several rounds could be played within 15 minutes.  Animal words utilize 1-5 syllables.

This game is designed for 2-6 players of any age and includes game boards, cards, reference list, and instructions.  More game sets will follow with different themes.  Our themes come from what we are currently studying right now in our little homeschool or will be covering in the very near future.

What a fun way and joyful way to learn about language arts and animals at the same time! :)

Click Here to download our Syllable Symphony game.

That Resource Team

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