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New Printable Little Lesson on Discernment - Includes Lapbook Pieces, History Cards, Text and More

New Little Lesson on Discernment helps teach us about hearing our Lord's call.

Today I want to highlight a new little lesson from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  This lesson highlights St. Peter's call to follow our Lord and proceeds to show how others were and still are called to do the same - including us.  Learners are gently guided to thoughtfully think about how our Lord may be purposing His will for them to understand, undertake and carry out to fruition by showing examples from scripture, the saints and more. 

This lesson is so well done that we decided to complete it and show you our corresponding F3 Folder we created.  Why an F3 Folder?  Because they are just big enough to create and use all of the wonderful pieces Michelle has created while providing you a place to store them, the lesson text sheets and be able to refer to them later on in an orderly fashion.  There will also be some space for you to add little quotes or such.  F3 Folders close up so neatly too.  Click HERE to see how to make a folder for your needs.  We have used a single folder for this project however the link will show you how to make not only the single folder but the double folder as well.

F3 Folder cover using Little Lesson cover sheet.

Open F3 Folder with text sheets on left and other pieces under it.
This little lesson is eleven pages and includes some very wonderful neat little activity sheets and pieces including: information sheets, scripture references, classic pieces of art for study, notebooking sheets for copywork and prayer work.  There are also a few lapbook style pieces and some really cool history cards with pictures of classic art as well as a few for learners to make themselves. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and we hope that you will too. 

Click Here to download this new little lesson.

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