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NEW Notebooking Pages for Lovers of Literature

New printable notebooking sheet allows readers to make notes about what they read.

Do you have a child who loves to read or perhaps do you really enjoy reading?  Then today's sheets generously created and shared by Michelle at Thinking Love, No Twaddle may be quite enjoyable for you and your family.  Although they depict children, they are still charming for adult use as well.

These printable sheets are contained in one file with two pages.  I love that these pages use old fashioned graphics depicting children and have a nice little quaint feel to them that many Charlotte Mason style learners really adore. These sheets could be used for any number journal tasks including keeping reading notes, narrations for literary works, or just a daily journal of learning ideas.

Click Here to download today's literature themed journal sheets.
Click Here to visit Michelle's page on That Resource Site and see all the free printable goodies she has to share with you.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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