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New Greek Worksheet and More Year Planner Pages featuring Monthly Menus, Bible study, Feast Days, Lists, Learning Needs and so Much More

More printables to help your homeschool stay organized all year long, plus a Greek goodie too.

If you haven't seen the journal planner that Michelle from Thinking Love, No Twaddle has been creating so lovingly for us all, you should really take a peek.  She has thought of just about everything that you could need.  She has just taken us into the fall as the September journal planner sheets are now available. 

I love that each is uniquely coloured, cheerful and inviting to use.  She has made a reminder calendar for Feast days as well as accompanying Bible study pages.  Grocery shopping pages, lists for reminders, budgeting sheets and so much more.  Plus, I just love the little squirrels and autumn themed graphics.  What an inspiration to get going to plan the new year out.  Here are just a few sample shots of September's sheets:

Click HERE to see Michelle's Page and scroll down to see all of the monthly sets she has graciously shared.

As an extra goodie today, Michelle has also sent along a new little Greek Worksheet for you too.  It is a review sheet for those using the free online resources at Kids' Greek.  This Greek worksheet features the proper use of the word "hello".  You will also find this sheet on her page as the latest addition to her Greek Worksheets.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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