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A Few More Mystery Themed Resources

Bookmark, reading log sheet and worksheet help bring mystery stories to life.

Since we began sharing resources about mystery stories yesterday, we thought that we should highlight a few of our other mystery themed resources in case you would like to take some time to focus on this literary genre.

If you or your learner likes to keep a reading log in on a full sized sheet or in a folder, then our Mystery Reading Log sheets may be just what you have been looking for.  Each page has a space for the date, title, author, amount read and completion column.  Pages are available with a definition of the genre as well as a simpler version with just the genre and graphics.

Click HERE to see these and other reading log sheets.

Our Reading Log Book Mark (left) can help readers keep track of the mystery stories or books they read.  It also highlights some details about the specialized genre.  Children can easily fill in the info and gain confidence and practice in reading.

Click HERE to see this and other reading log bookmarks.

Have a child who really loves to read and loves a good challenge?  How about trying our Book Detective Report?  This report requires learners to meet different grammatical tasks using the text of their story.  For example, learners may need to find a proper noun, tell what page it is on or find and list three adverbs.  You get the idea.  It is fun and always challenging.
Picture books, chapter books and novels could easily be used in succession to build confidence.  This could be a great grammar review for older learners.
Click HERE to see this book report and others in our collection.
May you and your children always explore the mysterious fun of reading!
That Resource Team

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