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Join us at our Brand New Resource Blog For Homeschoolers Who Love to Cook (or Eat)!!

Need Some Inspiration for Snacks and Meals for Your Family?  How about some homemade goodies to enjoy or share?  Stop on into our Recipe Blog for cooking, creating and all things Kitchen.

We've been busy adding and creating more resources for homeschooling families.  One of our newest creations is a brand new cooking blog called, what else, That Recipe Blog!!

This new blog is a welcomed and long-awaited edition to our resource collection.  It allows us to share some of our favorite recipes with other homeschooling families and even our relatives.  Recipes include things to eat, treats, soups, kitchen crafts, breads and more.  We hope you find it useful and a welcomed edition to your daily routine.  We are aiming to share recipes we enjoy on an almost daily basis, while also allowing you to share recipes you enjoy too! And yes, you can upload a picture of your creation too!

Stop on in and take a peek now.  You can also find the links to create our family recipe book there as well. 

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing you in the kitchen.


That Resource Team

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