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New Planner Journal Pages and more Goodies

New winter journal planner pages help you organize your life plus download more learning goodies.

I have just updated Michelle's (Thinking Love, No Twaddle)  resource page on our main resource website featuring all the goodies that she has made for us including her latest creations: extra additions to the winter journal for January, February and March as well as new notebooking pages for Alexander Graham Bell including a set especially for primary learners.

I don't know about you, but I am finding the winter journal pages so helpful.  I love that they are sweet and colourful, but I also like that they include lots of little niceties such as a new add-on note page where you can keep task lists and little reminders to yourself.  Michelle has managed to merge the home ed., home ec., and personal needs all in one.  The calendar portions are helpful for planning activities and lessons especially because she has included some church and liturgical reminders of saint feast days, etc.  This is so great as we can sometimes get so immersed in life, that we run the risk of forgetting something important.  I love these sheet sets and look forward to more months in the future.  

The other goodie I have just updated to her web page is her great little set of Alexander Graham Bell notebooking sheets.  They are so well done and there is a separate file for primary learners too.  I am so inspired by Michelle's designs as each sheet is different and includes wonderful historical graphics.  They are so inviting for young writers or learners of any age.  This is another great resource to welcome back the kiddos to a new year of learning time.

Click here to visit Michelle's resource page on our website and see all that she has shared with us for our homeschool learning journey.  You can also find the link to her blog where she always has something inspiring or thought provoking to share.

All of her resources are free and approved for personal/family use only.  She simply asks that you remember her family (and our family too) in your prayers. :)

Thank you so much for all of your generosity and hard work, Michelle!!


Kalei - That Resource Team

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