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New Art Worksheets to Help Homeschoolers Learn About Colours

Let's learn about colours - primary, mixing, and creating new ones.

I read today in a junior science book about light, the most beautiful title of a chapter, "Light Means Life".  I immediately thought of our Lord Jesus, who is the light of the world, and how we could not live without Him in our lives.  Inspired to create something fun from our science reading lesson, I created these worksheets which allow children to create the glorious colours that our Lord designed while illustrating how light is so easily filtered.

There are three different sheets in this art worksheet set.  Using a graphic organizer featuring little lenses, learners will create colours and mix them using pencil crayons or plain crayons being sure to shade the lenses as directed using layers of colour rather than just one heavy colouring.

The first worksheet allows learners to mix any two colours they desire per lens pair to create a new colour in the overlapped area.  By simply colouring the circles one at a time and allowing smooth strokes to overlap a new colour will reveal itself.

The second worksheet gives learners the chance to create and mix new colours with just a bit of formality.  Gentle colouring and blending unveils new colours within circles.  Warm (reds, oranges, yellows), Cool (blues, greens, purples) and Neutral colours (blacks, whites, greys, browns) are noted for new colours as well.

The last art worksheet uses three different lenses and asks learners to colour the circles as instructed while creating new colours from primary colours.  It is a fun, easy and unique way to use Venn diagrams.

Simply download and print out to these worksheets to begin creating some fun with colour.  This resource is available in UK or US English.

Click Here to download the UK version of this resource.
Click Here to download the US version of this resource.


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