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The Necessity of Simplicity - Weekly Lesson Planning Sheets to go With Your Journal Planner Sets

New weekly lesson sheets compliment our recently shared monthly journal planner.

As we organize our own little homeschool and household in this new year, we are finding the recent monthly journal planning sheets from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle very useful.  She has just shared a few more journal pages that will take us into planning for August.  Click here to see her page on our website and get what you need to help keep chaos at bay in your home, learning, and life.

I will confess that I usually like to make things highly organized, very detailed and fairly complex.  Many times this can eat up my free time, creating time, teaching time and downtime.  This year as I try "just a little bit more" to heed the warnings of my pastor to simplify my life and invite more peace and joy back into it or risk immediate burnout, I decided to just print out the journal pages from Michelle on individual sheets, staple them in the top left hand corner and be done with it.  And boy.....was that liberating!!!!

Our life, like many homeschooling families, is very full.  We are busy doing lots of things for lots of people.  We must always remember to keep homeschooling at the forefront of our tasks as we are called to be the first teachers of our children and are accountable for the proper formation of their souls.  I think it would be very difficult to explain to our Lord how we gave homeschooling the same importance as say shopping, music practice, or playing sports.  The formation of the soul is so important and it is the very reason why many families choose to homeschool their children.

As we draw closer to our Lord this year, He has begun teaching us many lessons out of necessity - and it seems to be painfully progressing to a positive end.  We have begun reorganizing our homeschool, decluttering, cleaning out the toy and curriculum shelves, sharing things no longer needed, scheduling our days, and also leaving activities behind that just don't seem part of God's plan for us. 

It seemed such a natural progression to use Michelle's very gentle Journal sheets and get things in better order.  Because I didn't want to bother her to make anymore additions to her sets, I added a simple weekly lesson planning sheet in various colours to match her sets - I hope they match anyway. :)

I hope that you can find these sheets useful.  They can be added to Michelle's set for the month.  There are 12 sheets of varying colours per .PDF set in landscape orientation.  One set is in print and the other is in a nice script font.  Simply print out a few for each month and staple in the left hand

Click Here to download 12 page set of weekly planning sheets in print.
Click Here to download 12 page set of weekly planning sheets in script.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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