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New Greek Worksheets to Help Homeschoolers

I'm Learning Greek!  Are you?

Actually we are studying Latin in our little homeschool, but many Catholic homeschooling families end up doing some of both Greek and Latin.  Classical style learners gravitate toward learning Greek as well.  If you currently study Greek or perhaps are wanting to dabble in learning Greek, then the resource we share from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle can help you explore the Greek language with your children.

Today's free printable is a five page worksheet set that is bright and inviting. I'm Learning Latin 1 contains sheets to prompt children to think about what they are learning as well as gives a review for basic vocab.  Originally created to be used with the great materials from, these sheets can still be quite useful for those using other programs as well.

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your time and energy with us. :)

Click Here to download I'm Learning Greek 1 worksheet set.
Click Here to visit Michelle's page on our website to see the freebie goodies she has both for Greek and Latin as well.


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