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More Planning Sheet Add-ons for January Featuring Shopping, Budgeting and Resource Tracking Sheets

More requested planning sheets for your January planner.

Good news for those of us who want to stay organized in our homes as well as our learning - there are a few more January planner sheets to download!!  

Michelle of Thinking Love, No Twaddle  has sent along a few more sheets for her January planner set which have been requested by some of us homeschooling parents.  Today's extras include a shopping planner sheet with a few budget sheets to help make January a little bit easier on our pocketbooks as well as some sheets to help us keep track of borrowed library books and other resources.  These sheets, combined with the other January planner sheets, help to get you organized and can help to keep your stress levels down.

We are so thrilled that Michelle has created these sets for us all.  They are sweet, unique, inviting and free.  It just doesn't get much better than that.  She intends to make and share more sets with us as the year progresses and time allows.

If you haven't seen the winter journal planner sheets before, consider taking a peek now to take advantage of these cool freebies.  You can find all of the available winter journal planner sheets on Michelle's page on our main website.

We hope these resources are of help to you in some way and make your homeschooling journey easier in some way.

Click HERE to visit Michelle's page now and see all of her collection of planner pages and resources.  Just find the month you are looking for in the "Planner Sheets" section.


That Resource Team

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