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Go Back to Schooling with a Totally Coolio Little Lesson..and Don't Forget Your Ink Pad!!!

New Little Lesson on fingerprinting will leave them shouting for more learning time - seriously!!

One of the great things about this ministry is getting to know people and the unique talents and gifts that they have to share with the world.  Today is one of those days when I am sooo excited to pass along a resource that was shared with us from Michelle over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle

Michelle is a wonderful mum of six children from the UK.  I love that she creates her Little Lessons for all of us to use.  My children can't wait for her new resources to arrive, especially the ones that focus on the saints or incorporate the liturgical year and, oh yes, art too!  We love that she puts so much info and time into a resource writing a full text for subjects that many wouldn't even attempt to touch - and all of this is done through the lens of the Catholic faith.  Bravo!!

Today I share, from Michelle, a wonderful 14 page Little Lesson on fingerprinting!!  Be sure to have your stamp pad handy as the children will want to examine their own fingerprints (and probably yours too!)  While you're at it you may want to have a scissors, glue stick and art supplies on hand as well because there are some really great pieces to cut out and assemble in an F3 folder, as well as some perfect notebooking sheets to add to your collection.  There are even history cards!!  Don't know anything about fingerprinting?  That's okay because she has some great text and coolio pictures as well which give samples of fingerprint details.  You could have a whole day of history, science and art fun with this set.  Here are just a few sample pages:

I just love this resource set.  What a great way to go back to a more scheduled learning time!!  Thanks so much, Michelle and Bravo once again!!  God bless you for all you do for us homeschoolers.  I truly believe this is why this ministry was put upon our family's heart - to help us, help one another.  Amen. :)

Click HERE to download this Little Lesson on Fingerprinting.
Click HERE to see other of Michelle's shared resources.

You can find all of Michelle's shared resources either on her page with the link above or on this blog by searching the words, Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  Her page on our forthcoming the new website will be fully updated, spanky and hopefully we will have everything up in the next month.  Please keep us in your prayers.


Kalei - That Resource Team

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