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NEW - Claude Monet Montessori Cards and Notebooking Pages

New printables to help learners come to know Claude Monet.

Whether you have a hands-on learner or a writing fan, we have something beautiful to share with you to bring art study to life.  Download a set of six Montessori cards featuring pieces from Claude Monet as well as a seven page notebooking set to accompany the study of Monet and Impressionism.

The Montessori cards feature some of Monet's most popular works including a few depicting his "Lilies" series.  Simply print out cards on cardstock and cut apart on the lines.  Look through the pieces to notice similarities and differences.  For something simpler, print and cut out two sets of cards to play our favourite concentration style matching game.

If your learner enjoys writing or uses notebooking to learn, then our seven page notebooking sheet set may be useful.  Pages features the artist's portrait and some famous pieces from Monet including the signature work of Impressionism.  Lines are simple and allow for relaxed writing. Some sheets have spaces for doodles, drawings or writing in fun facts.  These are just a few sample pages below.

We hope you find these printables fun and useful for your art study.

Click Here to download Montessori Art Cards featuring Monet.
Click Here to download Monet and Impressionism Notebooking Sheets.


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Kindred said...

These are great just what I needed to complete our unit on Monet! Thank you for sharing them with with us that are homeschooling on a tight budget!

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