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Welcome, February!!

Monthly wall calendar brings joy and smiles and reminds us of special days too!!

Help welcome in a month that should be focused on charity and love.  To help us further develop our spiritual life, Mother Church dedicates the focus for this month on the Passion of our Lord.  It is fitting that St. Valentine's Day, a holiday used to express love between people, is in this month.  Although it has become a bit too commercialized for our liking, it still has much value in helping to remind us of the love that God requires we have for Him and each other.

We will be trying to highlight and offer all kinds of fitting themed resources throughout the month.  To get us started, we share our February over-sized themed wall calendar.  This cute creation is a favourite of many families as it is bright and cheery, and a reminder of many special events in the month or liturgical year.  To use this resource, simply print out the pieces, cut apart on the lines and affix to your prepared poster board or bulletin board.  The pieces can be laminated for extended use and durability.

To make the calendar base, start by making a general template from plain dime store poster-board.  Measure out evenly seven columns by six rows, counting the days of the week titles.  Don't forget to leave a bit of space to put on the border decals!  Numbers for all days are given with the option to substitute liturgical days and holidays provided.  Not all saint feast days are listed nor all liturgical notations.  We have also included a 29th day for a leap year, although this current year is not a leap year.  We tend to reuse our pieces each year.  

Don't forget that this creation doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be fun and festive.

Click Here to download the February calendar set. 
Click Here to see our entire collection of over-sized calendars.


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