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A Great New Little Lesson on Obedience and Authority - Includes Notebooking Sheet, Lesson Pieces and More

New Faith Building Little Lesson touches on tough subjects in a warm and meaningful way

I am so excited to share today's resource which comes from our dear luv, Michelle, over at Thinking Love, No Twaddle.  She has created a wonderful little lesson on authority and obedience.  This is a follow up to her lesson on Milgram's Experiment which we shared earlier in the month. 

I must say, I love this lesson!!  The text is warm and inviting and ready to read with your kiddos.  She touches on the subjects of being obedient to God, and figuring out what is true authority.  This can be especially useful for beginning discussions with the tweens and teens age group.  She tackles the development of conscience, the churches stand on authority, and making moral decisions with our Lord's commandments in mind.  It is so well done.

This lesson is an eight page download complete with text, scripture references for further reflection, lapbook style pieces perfect for your on-going religion F3 folder, notebooking sheets and more.  St. Thomas More is introduced in this lesson for his Martyrdom for service to God rather than the king.  Lots to discuss over tea with your tweens and teens.  I am certainly going to use this one with my kids.  Many times I share a lesson after I have done them, but this time I am so excited I thought that I would share it hot off the e-mail for you.

Many thanks and hugs to Michelle for all her hard work in putting these Little Lessons together for her family and ours too.  These take lots of time to create and especially to have so many goodies along with it.  The little flip pieces are such a great addition and in colour too!  And can you imagine it's faith based, solid, engaging and FREE!!  Thanks, Michelle.

Click HERE to download this Little Lesson on Authority and Obedience.
Click HERE to see this Faith Building lesson and others like it at Michelle's page on our resource website.

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