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Let's Get Ready to Celebrate the Feast Day of St. Nicholas with New Saint Trading Cards, Learning Cards, Notebooking Sheets, Audio Learning and More

Fun printables help us mark December 6th as the feast Day of St. Nicholas

Today we offer quite a few printable resources to help children learn about one of the most famous and beloved saints of all time, St. Nicholas.  We thought that we would share our new St. Nicholas printables a few days early to help you plan for your special day on the 6th of December.  Many will share little gifts, some will put out socks, boots or shoes for surprises, while others will simply spend the day learning about this saint in fun ways.  We hope our four offerings will help make your St. Nicholas celebration fun and enjoyable.

Our offerings today can be used with your favourite saint books, learning resources, videos or websites.  We try to create learning materials that can be used with what you already have on hand or can easily access without the need to spend more money.  So here we go:

1.  Read your favourite St. Nicholas story book or listen now to the story of St. Nicholas from our book study of In God's Garden by Amy Steedman.  After enjoying your stories, you may want to write a bit about him using one of our set of 12 notebooking sheets.  This set comes in four different line spacings with options to affix pictures or draw in your own.  This set accommodates learners of all levels. 

Click HERE to get this resource and see others like it.

2.  If you prefer F3(Flip, Flap, Fold) style learning, how about making a My Book Mini-book about St. Nicholas?  These short 8 page prompted writing books allow children to write or draw information about this beloved saint.  To use this resource simply print out, fill in, cut apart, staple where indicated and glue into your project or notebook. 

Click HERE to get this resource and see others like it.

3.  Do you have a child who loves learning using cards?  Then our Saint Bio Learning Card might be exactly what you are looking for.  These popular little cards come with an image of St. Nicholas as well as spaces to record important details about his life and contributions to the Christian world. He is partnered with St. Stephen who celebrates his feast day on Dec. 26th.
Click HERE to get this resource and see others like it.

4.  Lastly we offer a brand new Saint Trading Collector card featuring St. Nicholas.  This card is bright and filled with little details about the life of this saint.  This read-only resource will be a great addition to any holy card collection.  Why not collect all of our saint trading cards?  We now feature cards for 17 different saints!!

Click HERE to get this resource and see others like it.

We hope that these resources help to make your day special and joy filled.

Our moment of thought today is inspired by the life of St. Nicholas:

"Why did you give us the gold?" the father asked.
"Because you needed it," Nicholas answered. 
"But why didn't you let us know who you were?" the man asked again.
"Because it's good to give and have only God know about it."

-Christmas Prayers and Customs, Regina Press, Edited by Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Do you know another homeschooling family or teacher who could use our FREE resources?  Why not drop them a line and invite them to come over for our daily December goodies?  Your thoughtfulness might be just what they need today! :)

That Resource Team


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Love the new holy card! Thanks for everything! :-)

That Resource Team said...

You are so welcome! These are one of our most popular downloads. My goal is to create at least one new one a month. :)

Kalei - That Resource Team

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