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Here's a little Christmas planner to keep things organized this month.

Keeping things organized can help cut down on stress and prevent holiday fatigue.

Keeping things in order is a skill that many begin learning as children.  Clean as you go.  Close what you open, pick up what you drop, replace what you use and so forth.  When things get busy or even hectic at times, we sometimes forget the simple little rules that help keep things running smoothly. 

During the holiday seasons of Advent and Christmas, there are more things that require attention.  More cooking to be done, Church functions to participate in, Masses to attend, traditions to uphold, visitours to entertain, shopping to be done and so on.  How can we keep everything straight without going over budget or grumpy?  Michelle from Thinking Love, No Twaddle blog sent over these festive planning sheets to keep us all on track.  They are simple and fun.  They can be used in a myriad of ways.  Here is a peek at the pages.

Simply print out the pages you need, fill in and post where you and the family can see it.  You may want to print out one calendar page for each need.  Perhaps one for schooling details, one for church details, and one for family/community functions - visitours, co-op meeting, Christmas parties etc.

Thanks so much, Michelle, for sharing this with us.  This is just what we needed in our family! :)

May God bless you for your charity and your willingness to reach and help other homeschooling families everywhere.

Click HERE to download the Christmas plannings pages now.
Click HERE to see all of the wonderful creations that she has shared with us.

 Plan and Stay Focused
Today's reflective thought comes from St.Teresa of Avila who puts it all so eloquently for those of us who have lots on our plate during this wonderful season of Advent.
"Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you, all things are passing...God alone suffices" - St. Teresa of Avila


Kalei - That Resource Team

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