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Create a Festive and Easy Holiday Wreath With Your Children

Christmas wreath helps children be creative while reinforcing that God and His love for us eternal.
Advent and Christmas are very special times of year for Christians. Advent is our time of preparation for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmastide is a celebration of His arrival. Today we have a simple decorative project that you can use to celebrate either aspect of this season - Advent or Christmas. It's fun, easy and festive.

Please note:  the object of this wreath is to involve children in decorating for Christmas. The evergreen wreath symbolizes everlasting life that God gives us. The finished wreath need not be perfect or fit for a department store. Children can decorate the wreaths by sorting and developing a theme they like. Let them group and regroup ornaments already in your collection or have them create special masterpieces of their own using Melty Beads (like we did), paper cutouts, craft foam and glitter and glue.  We always try to keep fun at the forefront of any project.


This project will require the following:

1 - 12" pine wreath (either faux or real varieties will work)

5-8 Christmas ornaments of one theme (either homemade or store bought is fine)

1m of ribbon or decorative cording for decoration

Wire Christmas ornament hangers, one for each ornament and a few to secure ribbons and other fun doodads you may have in your craft supplies.

1 - Over the door wreath hook, if placing on door


Step 1: Gather, make or buy ornaments of one theme. To avoid a cluttered appearance, choose no more 6 large or 8 smaller ornaments. See Possible Wreath Themes below for ideas.

Step 2: Decide how you will attach your ribbon or cording.  You will either wrap it around or throughout the wreath or attached it prefab style.  If you are wrapping the wreath with ribbon or cording, do so now before putting on the ornaments.  If you are going to tie the ribbon into a bow and then attach it, then affix it to the wreath after the ornaments are put on.

Step 3: Using a wire ornament hook, attach each ornament to the front of the wreath. Secure well to prevent breakage. If you are decorating a door with your wreath, remember that some shaking will occur with the opening/closing movement, so be sure to secure everything on the wreath well.

Step 4: Hang on door using the over the door wreath hook or hang on wall using a picture frame hanger.


Here are some ideas to help you get started on possible themes.  Some of them are not traditional, but it is the wreath that is the symbol.  How we decorate it can be left to preference.  Think we're crazy?  Just take a look at your Hallmark, department, grocer or craft store.  You will see tons of different ideas that people suggest we purchase for our decorating needs.  Why not let the kids be creative or just regroup and reuse your favourites from your collection.


Stars -  It shown brightly in the night sky to guide people to Christ's birth place.

Shepherds - They were among the first to hear of our Lord's birth.

Bells - They ring out to tell the good news of our Saviour's birth.

Crèche pieces - Nothing tells the Christmas story better than a Nativity scene. (See our version at left.)

Angels - The angel not only tells our Blessed Mother of what is to come, but they appear to the shepherds in the fields as well.

*If you celebrate St. Nicholas' feast day, you could also choose St. Nicholas as a wreath theme and then just leave it up for the entire season.


Coloured Doodads - small little craft doo-dads in all one colour - purple & pink for advent, red & green for Christmas, or stick with the traditional silver & gold if you .

All of a kind - Different sized jingle bells, bows, folded paper fans of Christmas wrapping paper, reindeer, gingerbread men or even a cultural item such as a Polynesian gourd.

Paper snowflakes of various shapes and sizes are always in style.

Children's choice or favourites - Any favourite selection of ornaments. Perhaps the child may select all ornaments made for a particular year or by a particular person over the years or around a learning theme they like science, cooking.  For example, the selection shown at the left are all things near and dear to one of our children who loves animals, plants, hugs, and presents. :)

Characters - all of one type of character from popular culture. They could include characters from cartoons, a book, TV or video series. Children can draw and cut out or create from craft clay their favourite characters from A Christmas Carol, the Mitten, Emit Otter's Jug Band Christmas, the Little House Series, works from Beatrix Potter, Peanuts®, Webkinz®, The NHL, Sesame Street or whomever. Get some fun, quality art and family time together while decorating for the holidays. This is a great way to incorporate a current unit study with the holiday as well.


The Saints - If you use time line figures or really like holy cards, you can create a few special paper ornament figures for a wreath all about different saints associated with Christmas or charity - St. Nicholas, St. Stephen, St. Elizabeth of Hungary for example.

Historical Figures - If you use time line figures, create a few special ones for a wreath all about Christmas during the Middle Ages or at the turn of the 20th century.

*Do not fear. Remember that the Wreath is the Christmas symbol not necessarily the things that go on it. By giving learners creative freedom, you invite more festive helpers, family bonding and memories to be created.

Let us slow down today and reflect on Revelations 22:12. 
God is eternal and so is His love for us as our evergreen wreath reminds us, but our real heartfelt desire today and everyday should be to have Him to say to us, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." 


That Resource Team

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