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New Sets of Christmas Themed Writing Paper

Writing letters for Christmas helps children build writing and penmanship as well as tells others they are important and valued.

Writing letters to relatives, friends and those who help us throughout the year has long been a task that adults normally take on.  But why not encourage your learners to do it as well?  By putting pen (or pencil) to paper, children can show appreciation and charity toward others, improve their penmanship and grammar skills and of course, feel festive.

Today we offer six new holiday writing paper sets including a beautiful nativity set which utilizes our own parish's stained glass windows.  Each set offers three different line spacing choices for writers of all skill levels.  There are large and intermediate interlined sheets as well as notebook ruled lines.  Portrait orientation is used for all the sets.

Perhaps your writer would like to send a note to someone to:
-Tell them about their current school year or the past year.
-Tell them about special accomplishments they have achieved.
-Tell them thank you for the recipients acts of kindness or charity.
-Tell them they were thinking of them or miss them - especially relatives who can't join you for the Christmas festivities.

Perhaps a note of thanks may be in order to their siblings, priest, instructor, coach, babysitter or neighbour.  Even an invitation to a Christmas party could be written out as well.

Here are some of the samples of the sets.  Keep in mind that the full sets have three pages to a set.

For those how love and use notebooking, you can bind numerous sheets together in folders, duo-tangs, binders, or comb spines to create writing notebooks with a fun and vibrant appearance. You can also trim the sheets and paste them into drawing books or sketch books.

Click HERE to see our entire collection of Holiday Themed Writing Papers.


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