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Make the Perfect Little Christmas Gift to Add in Your Christmas Cards.

Little tea bag covers spread joy and remind us to relax and enjoy the beautiful season of Christmas.

It is that time of year when we send greetings to those we value, cherish, admire and well, just simply love.  Many times we want to send a gift to everyone on our list, but let's face it, it's just not possible.  So today we have a special little gift that you can add into every Christmas card you send this year and yes, it fits.  How about a cup of warm cheer to sip and savour!!  Our holiday tea bag covers are just perfect for Christmas card gift giving.  Fast, easy, affordable and filled with a warm hug!!

To make these little gifts simply print out the files.  Cut out the templates on the lines, fold and glue.  When they are dry, add your favourite little wrapped tea bag and close with a dab of glue.  Now that is fast, festive and fun!!

We offer to two different styles to accommodate everyone on your list. 

This style is  for those who need a break.  It says, "Relax this Christmas season...Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. 

The other is for those who need a hug or who may not be religious simply stating, "Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas!!"

We hope you enjoy this little gift.  And if you like this gift, you definitely don't want to miss any post this week as everyday will be filled with essentials for Christmas fun!!

Click Here to download this little gift right now.

Today's spiritual inspiration requires us all to take a special moment to relax, remember and accept that we can't always give tangible gifts to everyone we want.  Either we can't afford it and if we can, there is always the chance in today's day and age that others may not be able to reciprocate the same level of material generosity and end up feeling even worse about their own circumstances. 

God does not want us to feel burdened on His birthday nor does He want us to overspend, go into needless debt, or give to others without the true spirit of charity in our hearts.  For each gift we give out of love to others, we give to our Lord. 

Reflect on Matthew 25:40.


That Resource Team

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