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Give the Gift of Prayer. Printable Decade - A - Day Spiritual Bouquet is the Perfect gift for all!!

Beautiful but easy family craft combines prayer and tea and makes prayer a meaningful gift to others!!

A few years ago we created this craft to give to our pastor for Christmas.  We thought it was a wonderful gift as many pastors and priests are forgotten after the Masses are said and the final blessings are given.  We like to think of our pastor as our friend, our shepherd, and also as part of our family.  Daily prayer was good, but the children wanted a little extra special way to pray for him.  Thus our Decade-A-Day Gift of Prayer was created.  We have since reorganized this project so that it is easier to make, fits into a mailer envelope, and is a bit more polished.  See our photos below to see how it all works.

In this spiritual bouquet, the sender(s) will pray a single decade of the rosary daily for a selected person.  The recipient, in return, will relax with a cup of tea daily, spiritually recharging themselves knowing that others are praying for them.  As my pastor just recently reminded me, rest and relaxation are a very important part of our lives, even though we tend to forget to schedule them into our daily or weekly routine.

For this project you will need:
5 Pre-packaged tea bags
Scissors or Cutter
Exacto Knife
Glue stick or double-sided clear tape
Templates - download below

Preparation for Tea Bags:

Cut out “t” shaped tea bag template on outer lines.  Write the date on the days you intend to pray for the recipient of the gift.  Fold all tea bag flaps toward the center with blank sides together. Glue or tape flaps into place. Let dry very well. Place one tea bag into prepared tea bag cover.

Preparation for Booklet:
Print out page templates. Cut in half.  Using an exacto knife carefully cut the black dotted lines. Fold each
template page on grey dotted lines with print side out.

Stack pages in order. Place the cover over the stack and staple on left side at the marks.

Affix the appropriate tea bag, in its prepared cover, into the slits in order by dates selected. You will notice that the graphics match the portion of the rosary said on specific day.  For example, the Nativity will be your first tea bag designated for Monday.  Tuesday will be one of the Sorrowful Mystery covers. Wednesday will be the bag with the Resurrection, Thursday the Last Supper, and Friday the other depiction representing the Sorrowful Mysteries.

This gift can be perfect for just about anyone.  How about remembering any of these nice folks who serve you throughout the year?

Your pastor or priest
Parents, grandparents, or other relatives
Godparents of your children
Your child's catechist or teacher
The Parish Secretary or custodian
Choir members in your church
Those who help you throughout the year - neighbours or friends
An elderly member of your parish
A recent widow or widower
Your physician, dentist, pharmacist or caregiver
Your veterinarian

There are three versions available.  Each one includes a special written introduction.  One version is sent from a single individual, one is sent from a family, and the last is blank space for you to do all of the writing. 
This is the text from the single version:

Today I thought of you and was so thankful to have you in my
life. You are so special to me that I wanted to give you the best
gift I could think of - prayer!!

I will pray for you for five days and dedicate a decade of the
rosary every day for you until a rosary has been completed.

So, relax with a cup of hot tea each day knowing that I am
praying in thanksgiving just for you. May God Bless you always!!

The family version is almost identical with the exception of a change in the pronouns.

We hope that you find this spiritual gift the perfect little something for that someone special.  The kids can help put it together and it doesn't cost very much to make at all.

Click Here to download the single version.
Click Here to download the family version.
Click Here to download the blank version.


That Resource Team

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