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Let Us Help You Prepare Your Table for Your Next Christmas Party or Family Gathering - Free Printable Table Setting Goodies

Setting the table for Christmas festivities has never been so easy or fun.  Don't forget to let the kids help!!

Advent is a time of preparation.  So why not give your table a few thoughts and moments of preparation as well.  Dress your table for a kids' Christmas party, a Sunday Advent meal with the in-laws, a fun party at church or in the classroom.  You could even use these cute printables for your big Christmas meal too!  These printables are all bright and festive and very easy for children to prepare.  Why not let them help with the festivities?  There are quite a few pieces that we are offering including napkin rings, coasters, place mats, place setting cards, and stemmed glass markers.  We have tried to include a few different versions of items for children as well as adults.  These resources can help make clean up after a meal very easy.  Simply save laminated resources for re-use next year or recycle the worn out pieces to the bin.   We hope you find them fun and useful.

Help guests find their place at the table quite easily with these cute and bright place setting cards.  We have included six different versions to accommodate almost any guest who may pop in.  Simply print out, cut apart and write in the name on the card.  Fold and place at their special spot on the table.  We recommend using cardstock when preparing this resource as it will stand up quite easily by itself.

Click Here to download fun place setting cards.

Festive coasters help to preserve furniture as well as bring smiles to faces of all ages.  These resources come two to a page and can be printed out and heat laminated for yearly re-use.  The thicker the laminant used, the more sturdy the coaster will be.  If you will not be laminating this resource, a quick tip to think about is printing our resources using a laser jet rather than an ink jet as it will prevent ink from smearing when the glasses sweat.  These could also be disposable as well.

Click Here to download festive coasters.

Help mark your guest's formal table glass with their name.  This prevents mix ups and helps when it's time to refill them.  Many families choose to allow children to use stem glasses at formal meals filling them with punch, water with a slice of lime, or for our European visitours, wine.  We have included three different versions of this resource which you simply print out, cut apart and mark with names.  There are five markers per page.

Click Here to download the stem glass markers.

Finish off your special setting with nicely folded napkins.  If you are using cloth napkins, simply roll up like a crepe or even a burrito and wrap our napkin ring around it.  We have included two different styles and aligned everything so that cutting them apart is simple using a cutter.  Wrap and close with double or single sided tape.  There are four rings to a page.

Click Here to download the napkin rings.

Keep your table festive yet clean with these printable place mats.  Available in two piece versions that you simply glue or tape together or in a larger ledger size (11x17).  Each version comes both with and without the traditional table blessing.  We've included the blessing to help those who may not be familiar with it participate in the table grace.

Click Here to download a ledger version of this resource.
Click Here to download a ledger version of this resource w/out prayer.
Click Here to download a 2 page version of this resource.
Click Here to download a 2 page version of this resource w/out prayer.

Christmas Table Linens
Chistmas Dinnerware

 What is YOUR best effort?
Today's moment of reflection comes as a simple reminder of how we are all called to prepare for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ in Advent.  How can we BEST prepare for our Lord's birthday?  What is the BEST we can offer to God?

The second week of Advent focuses on peace.  During the Advent and Christmas seasons we can lose the peace that should be filling our hearts because of all of the tasks that we intend to accomplish perfectly.  And of course the bigger your family or more involved in activities you are-- you guessed it, the more you struggle to keep the peacefulness of the season.  We battle with trying to keep old family traditions alive or trying to come up with new ones.  We try to keep the splendor of years gone by with decorations or activities that take us back to our childhood and we are disappointed many times when we can't mimic or create the "Best Christmas we ever had" for our own children.  So today the reflection I share doesn't come from the Bible, it doesn't come from a great saint, it simply comes from our Lord's words to my heart in Eucharistic Adoration - which I try to participate in weekly. 

"But Lord, I want to give you my best," I said.
"Your best is the most you can do without falling into sin," He lovingly replied.

Thank you heavenly Father for keeping things so simple for me to understand. :)

Have a great day and just try your BEST, my friends!!


Kalei - That Resource Team

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